Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, So Help Us God- Toya

World Aids Day was on December 1st and I was glad to see that people are becoming more and more aware of what a problem this disease is and how it does not discriminate. We continuosly need to be informed, compassionate and educated about this crisis.

I was disturbed by one thing though: no one seems to be telling the whole truth about how to prevent it. I was watching a special about AIDS on MTV and while showing statistics they showed what appeared to be soft porn in the background. Is it not possible to talk about sex without showing it? Is this something that they intentionally do to keep people watching? "Yes, let's tell them that this disease can bring about a horrible death and make them horny at the exact same time." My opinion is because sex sells, they won't discourage people from having it even though that is the main way of prevention. And it's not just MTV that relies on sex to sell itself. If you took the topic of sex out of most television shows, most of these shows would be 5 minutes long, including credits. Why is sex thrown at us so much? We live in such a horny society. Not once did I hear MTV say that the AIDS virus is smaller than the pores in a condom. If you can get pregnant while having sex with a condom on then you can get AIDS while having a condom on. It's that simple.

I was watching a forum on World AIDS Day last year and this minister from South Africa was the only one there for abstinence. They could not sway him one way or the other. He said "To my knowledge, abstinence has never killed anyone." The audience members went onto say that he was being judgmental and that he needed to provide more education on protected sex in his church and he was not hearing it. Rupert Everett went onto say that while this man was a minister, he was being judgmental and not reflecting the compassionate character of Christ. I totally disagreed with that. Of course I like the part of Jesus where he played with the children and healed the sick and was really sweet but I acknowledge, fear and love the part of Jesus that told people to go and sin no more starting right then and there; The part of him that gives us victory to not have to give into those desires that we would later regret giving into. God doesn't want us to abstain because he doesn't want us to have fun. He created sex so of course He wants us to enjoy it. However, He wants us to enjoy it in the way that He planned it. Ideally, if everyone respected sex as something that was only to be had between a married man and a married woman, things would be so much different. We wouldn't have to worry about all of this perversion in our world because sex would be sacred. There would be no adultery and less disease. Babies would stop having babies and sex would stop being the main focus of our society.

The main argument against abstinence is that they say it is not realistic. People are going to have sex. The thing is though, particularly with young people, they are being lied to and told that it is inevitable that they will have sex before marriage because somewhere down the road, they will be unable to control themselves. Rarely is a choice presented. Rarely do you see people on television opting to not have sex. While having sex for some is a part of life, for a great number of people regardless of age, gender or religious background, it isn't a part of their lives at all.

If people are presented with all of the facts like condoms break and tear, you can get AIDS through oral sex, you can't tell someone has it by just looking at them, and they still decide to have sex, then fine. That is their choice. I just wish that all sides were presented fairly and equally so people could make that choice with all the facts known.

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