Wednesday, December 17, 2003

BGLU News- Toya

This just in, after years off of the scene, Millie Jackson has come out with a new album! This bluesy, gutsy R&B icon of the 70's, notorious for her gutsy ballsy lyrics, has finally...what? That's not Millie Jackson?

Oh, my bad.

Maybe I am just not the freak I thought I was but I don't have a clue as to what Kelis' "Milkshake" is about. Tia says it's about boobies, which makes sense. Do we really want to know? I'm not so sure.
(Lest I be labeled the BGLU freak, I READ that the song was about boobies in Entertainment Weekly. It still doesn't make sense to me, but then who said pop music had to make sense? - tia)

BGLU Icon, Aisha Tyler is getting her on show on CBS, possibly next season. It is being described as a new Mary Tyler-Moore type show and is being produced by Lisa Kudrow of Friends. I am SOOOO excited.

We played this at our Christmas part and I swear it is the BEST Christmas CD ever. Buy this to ensure a funky, funky Christmas.

And speaking of Funky, Funky Christmas...

The What the @$!%& of 2003

Insert whatever expletive or term of disgusted disbelief you care to choose as I describe to all the potentially worst case of (career) sabotage to hit US soil: Jordan Knight is coming out with a remix album through Empire Musicwerks entitled "Jordan Knight sings New Kids on the Block." To quote Kurt Engle, "It's true. Oh, it's true." I couldn't make this up. When I told Tia this she said it's like Beyonce' coming out with "Beyonce' sings Destiny's Child". This is supposedly to celebrate the the 10 year anniversary of New Kids on the Block. Do they mean the 10th year anniversary of the breakup of New Kids on the Block because I believe they came out in '88. This could possibly be the worst career decision since Lea Thompson starred in Howard the Duck.

If you are a true BGLU through and through, you were a New Kids fan and a serious one at that. I mean I don't care if you are 31 now, have a corner office on Park Avenue, if someone told you that Donnie Wahlberg was downtown about to be on TRL, you would "suddenly"remember that you have a doctor's appointment and high tail it to MTV's studios. Your love for NKOTB may simmer but it never dies. With this said, when we found out that Jordan was coming to Nashville of all places to play 3rd and Lindsley, it was not a question of if we were going or not. The question was why is he coming and after some research, I found that he is touring to promote this album.

Before crazed New Kids fans surfing the internet chastise me for speaking ill of this project, let me say that I have been a huge fan of Jordan as an artist for quite some time now. I mean, sincerely just as an artist. Believe it or not, out of all the New Kids, Danny was my crush. I believe that Jordan Knight is one of the mot underrated male singers of our time. A friend of mine got me some sort of bootleg tape of him singing "Georgia" and "Wildflower" years ago and I was sincerely hoping that soon enough the world would find out what a hidden talent the industry has in Jordan Knight. Due to some poor career decisions, I don't know how likely that will be.

This is why I think this is a hideous idea:
Jordan Knight came out with his solo record let's say about 4 years back and although it had some fantastic ballads ("Change My Ways" , "Separate Ways") the album lacked radio singles and was plainly not put together well and did not live up to the hype that the first single "Give It To You" had surrounding it. It was hard enough for Jordan coming from New Kids on the Block to make his way back into the scene. What some don't know is that Give It To You was produced by Jam and Lewis as well as a few other tracks on his CD and that came out if his pocket and not his labels. Around his record's release, even Newer Kids on the Block (Nsync, Backstreet Boys) were ruling the airwaves and TRL. So without the support of his label and numerous naysayers, Give It To You Went platinum. And arguably, his video for Give It to You set a precedent for a lot of the highly choreographed pop videos that we see now.

Fast forward to 2003. With all that is up against him (he is no longer on the same record label), why would he revisit the past and bring back old New Kids songs? Is this JUST about the fans? Supposedly, this tour is not just to promote the New Kids remix album but his new solo album, slated to release in Spring 2004. I posed this to a few fans who quickly rolled their eyes and let out sighs of disbelief because they all recalled that Jordan's first solo album had been pushed back at least 4 times before it ever came out.

On the other hand, this could fall under the category of "This is so crazy, it might just work". Someone believes strongly enough in this that it is being released and getting tour support. This is one of those instances that I sincerely hope that I am wrong. I haven't even heard the album yet so who knows? I have only seen something like this done one other time. In the late 90's, David Cassidy redid the Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You". Hey, I just said I've seen it done before. I didn't say I've seen it actually work out.

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