Saturday, November 15, 2003

Sorry Steve, another Brit Boy


Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

First I'd like to send shout-outs to Nicole for bringing Jonathan to the table. I recently purchased Bend It Like Beckham, a must have for anyone who loves the Brits like I do. There is a scene where Jonny comes to the door to call on Jess, the lead character, and let me just say.....WOW. Toya and I SCREAMED. We weren't ready. There was no warning, no indication whatsoever that he was going to be standing there looking like....THAT. Go watch it for yourself.

I know very little about Jon (mainly b/c I was too caught up looking for pictures of him to read up on him.) He was born the day I was supposed to be born (July 27, 1977). He's very musically inclined. And if you do a picture search of his name on Google, there are a couple of pictures of him and some "colored" girl. Indian not black. But colored none the less.

Anyway, I'd like to personally welcome Jon to the Brit Boy Hall of Fame. You're gonna love it here.

In case you're interested

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