Friday, November 28, 2003

Now You Know I (Toya) Had To Talk About This...

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall ...

For those that don't know, Benzino and David Mays of The Source magazine have had it out for Em for some time this year. The Source put out an issue earlier this year about the bleek future of hip hop and pointed towards The Great White Hype as one of the leading causes of its downfall. So I am sure when 3 Detroit natives walked into the offices of The Source and hand delivered a tape of Eminem using the riot inciting n-word, Benzino and Mays' joy was equivalent to giving a fat kid free reign at a Krispy Kreme Donuts shop. Here are some of the lyrics:

And all the girls that I like to bone
Have the big butts, no they don’t
‘Cause I don’t like that nigga s***
I’m just here to make a bigger hit

I seen a Black girlfriend and I kissed her
I kissed her; I placed it on her cheek
And she didn’t come back til next week
Now it was next week and she was back again
Wanting to kiss a white kid
So she was my girlfriend, we started going out
But that’s okay because we were Black and white
Blacks and whites they sometimes mix
But Black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks

I won't bore you with the rest of the lyrics but if you are interested, click on They are all too eager to not only give you the lyrics but also the audio and have promised to include a CD of these songs in their next issue. Now that I have updated you, let's open up the discussion:

I am by no means an Eminem fan. A coworker recently asked me about Eminem and I said that I can't get down with anyone that talks about their mother the way he does. This is a man that had a whole crowd singing F*** You, Debbie (his mom) at one of his concerts, has made songs where he talks of raping his male cousin (Amityville), another violently,sickening, graphic song about murdering the mother of his child (Kim) and another song threatening to put Anthrax on some woman's tampax (Superman). Why in the world would something like this surprise me? Sure, there is a chance that he no longer feels this way about black women and would never again call a black person a nigga. There is also a chance that for the low, low price of $59.95, I can sell you a nice piece of swampland in the Arizona desert. My point is this: Eminem is about shock value. I fully believe that if he could make money saying this outright in the year 2003, he sure as heck would. He knows that if he truly feels this way about black women, he bet not voice it because he will lose his credibilty with black rappers and he can't afford that. I mean no one can genuinely afford an ass whuppin' per se,(that is exactly what it would come down to) but it is the street credibility that is keeping him from going the way of Vanilla Ice.

In Em's defense (did I just say that?) he made this tape a long time ago. There is a bunch of mess that is happening RIGHT NOW that needs to be addressed. Just turn on BET and MTV or listen to the radio. Where were Benzino and David Mays when Snoop Dogg had black women on leashes? This is NOT about Eminem disrespecting black women. This is about a loophole that they have been praying for to oust him out of hip hop. If it weren't, someone should have let a fresh can of Whoop Ass rip on fellow Detroit native Kid Rock for what he said on his last album.

In Black Chick, White Guy, Bob, as we unaffectionately call Kid Rock around our house, wrote the sordid tale of him and his black baby's mama. Like to hear it? Hear it go:

Now as time went on the the two kept on
They kept seeing each other off and on
See she moved to the city and you know what happened
Black chick with a real white accent
Pretty girl in the ghetto go figure
Yeah she got macked by some dope dealin nigger
Still seein that other kid on the side
She kept most of her thoughts inside
See all the first guy did was just love her
While that punk mother ****** used to beat her and punch her

Screeeeeeeech, HALT! "Dope dealin' NIGGER"? Oh REALLY Bob? I could have arrived at this joke of a press conference that The Source set up about this whole Eminem thing with a power point presentation, audio and video of this Kid Rock song and they could not have cared less. This matter with Eminem doesn't have an ounce to do with the disrespect of black people particularly black women. What exactly the beef is, I don't know. I will tell you this: if Eminem owes black people, particularly black women an apology as Benzino has said then he can get behind the following people: Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Cash Money Millionaires, Ludacris, Dr. Dre, The Yinga Yang Twins, BET (go on and tell Bob Johnson to take a number and get in line too), MTV, Universal, Def Jam, Lyor Cohen, Uncle Luke, and on and on and on and on and on...

But enough talk. We need action. And honestly, with all of this going on, the person I am most disappointed in is myself. I do a lot of complaining about how bad radio is but I have not written one letter. We need to do something and we need to do it now. I am sickened by the lack of accountability within our community. Even on this site we talked about Snoop Dogg at the VMA's and a BLACK WOMAN commented on how we were just hatin' and wished we could take someone on stage with us at the awards. You have got to be kidding me. So with all that said, what do we do now?

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