Thursday, October 9, 2003

Unbeknownst to us, our website was on the cover of the Jackson Sun as a link to our review of BGLU fave Matt Morris. WOW. The review is actually in our archives but we will put it on our current page because it seems as if a good amount of people are looking for it.


Don't Sleep on This Album- Matt Morris "Unspoken".

I am not a crier at all. I wish I could cry, Lord knows I do. The only time I cry is during Praise and Worship time in church but besides that, I am rarely moved. I am listening to this CD, sitting at my desk at work while biting my trembling upper lip to keep from sobbing all over my keyboard. No, I am not premenstrual.

I would like to say that Matt Morris made this CD especially for me. He heard that I was fed up with music, that I had gone back to my old faithfuls, Stevie Wonder and Sting, for the musical inspiration which our current music industry is for the most part void of. I would like to believe that Matt Morris said "You know what? I like that girl Toya. She's a sweetie. And since anyone could give her roses and diamonds, I will impress her with something timeless" and thus produced, wrote, and arranged this CD. A girl could only wish.

Unlike his fellow MMC alumni, this CD has nary a trace of "'Dirrty' 'Pop' ". "Unspoken"is an autobiography, much like Maxwell's classic "Urban Hang Suite"and is split into a musical trilogy. Every song is bound together by a common thread of lush and sometimes haunting, piano driven melodies and topics of spirituality ("Eternity") social issues ("The World I'm Living In") and of course, love proclaimed, love lost and love made ("Be My Love" "You Were Mine" and "Let Me"). It's hard to say where this album's strength lies. One could say that it is in his songwriting that is at times, personal enough where it could make you blush while thinking you have been let in on something that really is none of your business. Or you could say it is his voice that is delectable like a semi-sweet chocolate brownie in which you take little bites and digest only a bit at a time, savoring every little morsel-like word. Morris' voice is tinged with soulful inflections while so sweet that even when he is telling his love to walk away (such as in "Go Away" co-written with BGLU favorite, Justin Timberlake) the beckoning in his voice let's you know that is merely a bluff. And if his voice is the brownie, surely the music itself is the milk that chases it down slowly leaving you fully satisfied. Be sure to go to his website (where you can hear the ENTIRE CD as well as read the lyrics) and buy the CD on his website, or pick it up at Tower Records or


You know, I have had about enough of television and with this being the last season of Friends, I may not feel so compelled to watch TV anymore. Wait, we get free cable. Just playin'.

. Ain't he fine?

Along with Keen Eddie, the powers that be have decided to take Boomtown and The Orlando Jones show off the air. We LOVED the Orlando Jones Show! We must admit, we could have done without that tired animated short that seemed to be the product of too many hits followed by trips to the Kwiki Mart, but where else could you find a show that would bring you artists like Les Nubians, Donnie, Hanson, Thicke and Terrence Trent D'Arby!? My man brought Terrence back. He should at least be granted 2 extra seasons for that alone. But nooooo. Slam the Man.

Your boy Justin Timberlake will be the host and musical guest this week on Saturday Night Live. Think they'll be any jabs at Britney? I mean, he has a whole hour and a half. Our take: let it go lil' homie. By now most of you have heard "Never Again" off of Justified and have seen the "ode to that trick who did me wrong" video "Cry Me a River". If closure hasn't happened by now, it's long overdue. So please, Mr. JT, don't sink so low. In further SNL news, Halle Berry will be hosting SNL for the first time with Britney Spears as musical guest (Lord, please don't let them kiss. Fred Durst would be in hog heaven.) By the by, John Mayer was the musical guest last week and we forgot to mention it. AND he sang "Clarity". I haven't been right since.

Beyonce' is coming out with a clothing line. Now look: we are no haters here. Let me rephrase: Okay, we are some haters here. BUT we are not Beyonce' haters. We love Beyonce' but her coming out with a clothing line makes as much sense as MTV having a Video Awards show. When was the last time you saw a FULL video (aside from on Making the Video) on MTV? Now, when was the last time you saw a FULL outfit on Beyonce'? We rest our case.

By now, we all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the Governator. But did you know that Gary Coleman came in 8th? Say what you will, man, Gary knows issues. He had some strong arguments. Whatchu talkin' about Toya ??? I ain't lyin' !!! Did you hear his "We hafta get rid of NAFTA" spiel on Comedy Central? It was so serious. I would've voted for him too. Oh and best believe there is a special place in hell for yall who were calling my man "Arnold Short-a-Negro". Ya dead wrong, wrong I say. You know who yall are too.

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