Monday, October 20, 2003


We all thought this was a joke but as we all now know that ignorance has reached its all time high. I don't know what frustrates us more: the fact that this was sold or the fact that it was created. BGLU correspondent Nicole has some interesting views on how this all originated.

When last I heard about the controversial game being sold by Urban Outftters, the CEOs of the company were declining to commment and/or speak to people wth greivances about the game. In my opinion, that's probably not the best way to handle it; indifference never is.

Neither is fighting fire with fire. I know among some of my friends there was talk of creating a similar game to it called Chinopoly, and as tempting and EASY as that is, that's not going to help anything. This is the same premise that Ghettopoly was made under- Helping. According to the inventor it was supposed to help others see the sterotypes that we in this country hold and perpetuate. Why we don't see him using his own ethnicity to explain this is beyond me.

Sisters,the Ghettopoly thing has stirred but not shaken me and here's why. This is only a distraction. I imagine it going something like this:

Menion#1: Hey Lu, it looks like this whole "racial thing" is cooling off. What can we do to uh, stoke the fires? Heh, heh, heh...

Lucifer: Hmm, let me think... well there's already a godless game called Monopoly, why don't we twist that one up even further.

Menion#2: You may be on to something 'Bub. But you know what'll really add salt to the wound? Why don't we get two minorities into it. That ought to keep 'em busy.

Menion #3: I know just the guy. He's Chinese, thoughtless bloak... I'll make him think he's helping the situation. This guy'll run with his A** all out claiming that he wants to make a point about racial stereotypes, but instead of using his own people, we'll put him on to the Blacks. Then they can blame it all on the White people for perpetuating the stereotypes..."

Lucifer: Dude, that's brilliant! This is great, not only do we get to jack up relations between a few American people, we also get to screw over Urban Outfitters. Sure they agreed to carry the game, but there's nothing like putting a dent in sales of any clothing store. Look at Abercrombie."

Menion #3: I'll start on it right away. They'll never see it comin'.

Lucifer: Good, now let me see what I can get into now...

And hey, it could've been worse. It could've been The Gap selling the game...

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