Friday, October 10, 2003


Hey this is Toya, holding it down while Tia is away. JUSTICE!!! KEEN EDDIE IS BACK ON!!!! Well sorta. It looks like the remaining 6 episodes will air on Bravo and Bravo will be showing reruns of the sorely missed best new show of last season. Also, the episodes will be on DVD soon! Now I wrote Fox twice and in a very curt manner they let me know that yes, the show is canncelled, no, there will not be more episodes and all the actors have moved onto new projects, thanks for my concern and I can now go about my merry way. Okay they didn't say that exactly but they may as well have. For all of you Boomtown fans (or just Donnie Wahlberg fans like us) Boomtown will also be on Bravo and the first season is coming out on DVD soon. Man, what other shows can we get on DVD? I vote for "Different World" (My favorite show of all time), "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" and "MMC" pre and post The Party. We need to get a petition going. Give the people what they want.

Speaking of MMC, in yesterday's article in The Jackson Sun on Matt Morris, they mentoned that Matt is now on the road with Justin Timberlake writing for Justin's second solo album. Umm, do they need a cook, masseuse, back up singer or something? How can we be down? Man, I am telling you I need to pick up an instrument or something. I should've never given up the recorder in the 4th grade.

Look for new albums from two of our favorite artists of all time, Alexander O'Neal and Tears for Fears. Alexander will be releasing "Saga of a Married Man" and Tears for Fears were just recently signed to Arista. With Duran Duran going back out on tour could we be in the early stages of an 80's comeback revolution? Could someone please call Loose Ends, Five Star and Howard Jones and fill them in on what is brewing?

Lastly (AKA I need to get back to work), I just recently heard some cuts from JC's new album. 2 words: He crazy. I mean crazy, buckety buck buck wild, straight looney. I'd be lying if I said I won't have it the day it comes out, though.

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