Monday, October 13, 2003

Album I Slept On (purposely) and Now Can't Front On No Matter How Much It Hurts: Jon B's "Pleasures You Like".

I am notorious for sleeping on CD's. Sometimes I hold onto old stuff so much that I don't want to embrace anything new. In fact, embarrassingly enough, I am listening to the first India Arie CD for the first time because I just bought it and her follow up this week. I have been buying so much old stuff like Alexander O'Neal's and Brand New Heavies greatest hits that I rarely buy new stuff. Shameful, I know. I am listening to both of her CD's and I don't understand how I have lasted this long without them. They will live in my CD player.

You don't even know how mad I am about this because I flat out said I wasn't buying anymore Jon B CD's. I have had a love/hate relationship with Jon B for quite some time but sometimes you have to look past the artist to appreciate the art. If you have read this blog long enough, you know that we are whole-hearted supporters of blue-eyed soul (we know we keep promising those pics of us with Kenny Loggins. They're coming soon. I don't know how to work the scanner yet.) However, Jon B has been on my ish list for the past few years because of one of the worst concert experiences of my life.

It hasn't always been hateration when it comes to Jon B. When I first heard "Someone to Love" I was not feeling him at all because he sounded just like Babyface. Couldn't stand him. Then I was over a friend's house who is a producer and a much bigger music snob than I (yes, it's possible). When I saw that he had it I was like, hold up. He said "You don't know about this? I am so sorry." He went onto play tracks 6 thru the end and I was sold, especially on the last track "Love Don't Do". Til this day "Bonafide" is one of my top 10 favorite albums of my lifetime. I mean like in the top 10 like Off the Wall is in the top 10. It's that serious.

So when did the boycotting happen? After wanting to see Jon B in concert for years, I finally got to see him at a club in Philly. He was doing shows promoting "Cool Relax" (which is nothing like Bonafide. It's not bad but it's completely different. Bonafide is more grown and sexy.) We waited forever for this cat and about 2 hours later he came out with his band and ladies and gentlemen this man showed his behind. I mean, he could not have shown his behind more if he had pictures of it and was passing it around the club. He acted a straight up fool. First of all, out of the first 5 songs he did, only 2 of them were his. He did "Outstanding" "Yearning for Yor Love" and some other R&B favorites and I was like "Sing your own stuff!" It was almost like he was singing all of these songs to win us over. We were as close as 5 feet from the stage and the more this went on the more I took out my keys, waved them in front of him and said "I swear I will go home right now if you don't start singing your own songs." To make it worse he had this huge chip on his shoulder and kept making comments suggesting that the crowd was hating on him because he was white. Umm, did he think we didn't know that when we bought our tickets? We paid $25, which I STILL want back. We knew he was white. But no, he could not let it go. Then he went into "Are U Still Down" and wanted all of us to put peace signs in the air in rememberance of Pac. Now you know some folk don't care nothing about crowd participation, especially already being tired from waiting almost 2 hours for him to perform. Jon B is holding up playing the song like "Oh you too cool to put your signs in the air, you a straight up @#!&* punk. Word up". After this hissy fit, the show ended with "Don't Say" and he said his goodbyes and gave the right side of the stage the middle finger. I was through.

I have been listening to my Launch station (damilove4) and I have Jon B as one of my artist in rotation. Ever so often I would hear a song and would turn and look at my computer like "What in the?" and sure enough, it would be from Pleasures You Like. After almost a year, I have broken down and bought it. So ashamed. "Lonely Girl" is my joint though, I can't lie.

Pleasures You Like is where Bonafide and Cool Relax come together. Like Cool Relax, it has a little bit more hip hop influence than Bonafide and like Bonafide, is more mature musically and lyrically than Cool Relax. Point blank it has some smooth jams on it. I can front no longer.

He only has about 2 inches on me so don't let me see that lil' man in the street. I still want my $25 back.

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