Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Whatever Happened To...CAMP LO!!!???

I am at this very moment listening to "Luchini" and I am like "What the? Why? Where? But...Aargh!" Does anybody remember the video they had that looked like an episode of Good Times and it had Thelma, the most beautiful girl EVER on TV in the video? That was amazing. And then, nothing.

I swear if I married the president this is what I would do: I would have a show on BET where we would have concerts at the White House. And I don't care what the beef AKA "artistic differences" were, you would have to perform or risk being audited or excommunicated. So Camp Lo would have to come out of hiding, Pete and Serch would need to go find DJ Richie Rich, Debarge would sing all their hits, El's hits, Bunny's HIT, and Switch's hits, and Steve Perry and Journey would just have to learn to get along (can you tell I have been thinking about this?)

I am not deep into the underground hip hop scene so I would not be surprised if they were doing something on the low. I just wish we could go back to a time where everyone was represented. Back in the day, we had gangsta rap with NWA and Ghetto Boys and Ice-T and the Rhyme Syndicate and we also had Tribe Called Quest, FuSchnickens and Kid 'n' Play. There was more variety being represented and everything didn't have to look like an Uncle Luke video.

So if anyone knows the whereabouts of Camp Lo, hit us up.

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