Friday, September 12, 2003

Toya's Random Thoughts ie I am bored, it's Friday and I can't wait to get off work

I think I love music TOO much. I am getting that giggly joy thing again. My Yahoo Launch channel plays all of my favorite songs all of the time. It is now playing Brown Eyed Girl by (not Van Morrison) The Isley Brothers.

The Grown and Sexy know that for The Isley Brothers, there was life before Mr. Biggs. I heard on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that Ron Isley doesn't even answer to Ron anymore, only Mr. Biggs. I hope they were saying that for comedic value.

Call me an ol' school fool but I hate that every Isley Brothers song now sounds like a mini-opera no matter what the song is about:

"This is Mr. Biiiiiggs"
"How ya doin' Mr. Biiiiiggs?"
"I'm going to the store"
"Why you going to the store"
"This heffa didn't by no hot sauce when I told her to buy some hot sauce"
"Just because she forgot your hot sauce doesn't mean you should call her heffa"
"Now wait a minute. See,now my catfish has no taaaaaste. Oh I'm about to catch a caaaaaase"...

I know, I know, that was corny. See, I told you I was bored.

My point is why did Ron Isley turn gangsta in the 90's? Don't you miss old Isley Brothers? What happened to "Everybody take a stand, join the Caravan of Love..I'm your brother, don't ya know?" What happened to Between the Sheets and Make Me Say It Again Girl? When WILL there be a "Harvest for the World"? Sigh...

My station is now playing "A Different Corner" by George Michael. Good times!

So anyway, I love The Isley Brothers and wish that they would get back to the love as much as I need to get my butt back to work.

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