Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Rent A Husband . Remember I said I don't think about marriage until something goes wrong with my car or I can't reach something in the kitchen? Someone caught the vision. I'm not saying it's right. I am just saying that I understand.

This is Toya. If you are reading this now, I urge you to put your hand on the screen and pray in the name of Jesus that I get a car and FAST because this morning was the last straw. For some reason, I woke up at 2 am. When I saw that it was 2 and not 5, I was so elated and went back to sleep. Soon after I had a dream that Tia found a secret location where they were having a Poison meet and greet. When we arrived and rushed in to be first in line, the manager was telling the band that if they didn't want to live off of per diem for the rest of the tour, they would do their meet and greets with a smile and stop complaining. I guess they didn't want to do them for some reason. Anyway, Tia and I make our way to the front and start talking to Brett Michaels first. Then my alarm went off, but when it went off, I hit snooze and went back to sleep and the dream continued! I did this 5 different times and each time it picked up where I left off. For some reason, Brett was trying to get me on the bus to watch Jumping Jack Flash and he was really trying to holla at me. Thank God for dreams and vivid, peculiar imaginations.

To make a long story short (ie this dream was too weird to describe in writing) I had to wake up or I was going to miss the bus. If I didn't have to take the bus, I would have had a full hour and a half to finish the dream. Who knows what could have happened with me and Brett! Okay, maybe it is good that I woke up.

I usually don't remember my dreams and it is usually a good thing because I rarely have good dreams that I would like to remember. One time, I was dreaming that I was sitting next to Maxwell (he smelled AMAZING) on a piano stool and right when he was about to open his mouth to sing, my mom hollered that she couldn't find the remote control and woke me up. That was ALMOST worth the beatin' of my life to flip out on her.

So I ask you all to pray for me and hey, if there is anything that Tia and I could pray about for you, email us at blackgirlslikeus@yahoo.com . Okay, now I have Hammer's "Pray" in my head right now. "We've got to pray just to make it today. That's why we pray." Time to get back to work.

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