Wednesday, September 24, 2003

(That's a Public Service Announcement for those of you born after 1983)
by Tia

This particular PSA is for my UN-single people. From time to time we like to offer helpful hints on ways to better your relationship with the one you love. So grab you pen and paper and jot down this helpful tidbit.

I was in Hollywood Video renting British flicks (that's what I do.) I must take a moment to talk about how FOIN Keanu Reeves looked in the 5' Matrix display. GOOOODNEEEESSSS!!!!! That coat is an abomination. Did the tailors wrap him in the fabric and then cut it into a coat around his body? If you haven't seen the second Matrix it is worth seeing simply to see Keanu's BEAUTIFULLY tailored coat. Avoid the huge group sex scene at ALL COSTS. Anyway, I walk in to pick up my Brit flicks and I walk past this random looking guy. I pay him no mind until the air shifts and I catch wind of him. When I say I almost passed out I mean I ALMOST PASSED OUT. I'd just left the gym and was already short of breath and then this guy literally took my breath away. He smelled better than ANY GUY I've ever KNOWN. That is not an exaggeration. I had to ask him, "Excuse me, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!?!" He looked very confused so I walked over to the girl I assumed was his girlfriend and asked her. Ladies, if there is a significant other I beseech thee to go NOW and buy him SEVERAL bottles of Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men. Fellas, if you love your woman you will obtain a bottle of Pleasures. If that scent does not stop you in your tracks then you're dead inside.

This concludes our PSA for the evening. Good Night.

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