Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Nothin' but a Good Time...

YEAH BABY!!!!! 7th Row DEAD Center for POISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am telling you, it was RIDICULOUS! This will make the second year in a row that Tia and I have seen Poison on Labor Day and I can't picture it getting any better.

I rode with our friends Kayleen (hey Big Mama) and Andy (hey, Big Daddy) and we picked up our tix from (thanks MTV) from Willcall. I had no idea where we were sitting so the closer we got to the front, the more my stomach started to hurt. When the usher led us to the floor, I heard Andy behind me go "Uh uh. No way. UH UH!!!!!" We got down to Row G and made our way to the center. I started counting on my fingers, "A-B-C-D-E-F-G!!!!G!!! 7!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!" I lost it, started jumping up and down, lost my whole entire mind. I called Tia because she wasn't to show up for about 2 hours and told her that she had to come and QUICK.

The reason Tia didn't show up was mainly because she got stuck helping her dad painting our townhouse. I get deathly ill from paint fumes and managed to get out of it and traveled with our friend Steven's punk band The Smartest Monkeys hoping to get some type of "Almost Famous" experience by interviewing them on the road. I hope to post something about that in the near future. Another reason was that she didn't want to see Skid Row without Sebastian Bach. Can you blame her? Grant it, hearing "I Remember You" is always a good time and I loved belting out "18 and Life" but I missed Sebastian. Vince Neil played after Skid Row and maaaaaaaan, I have loved "Home Sweet Home" since the 7th grade. I just could not believe it. He was amazing. I tried to picture the drummer as Tommy Lee but I just couldn't.

I got so bored without Tia being there because I missed the banter that ensues at nearly every occasion be it a run of the mill trip to Kroger or a concert event. Also, I really didn't have anybody to play "Count the Black People" with. Oh come on, BGLU's. Don't act like you've never done it. Last year we got up to 8 and this year was a whopping 16! There was a sista we saw last year who had her fist up in the air during the whole Winger set and she was their this year with her Poison t-shirt on to boot. She looked old enough to be one of our aunts. I wanted to walk up to her and say "On behalf of BGLU's everywhere, thank you. You have paved the way." There was a black couple in front of us that rocked out the entire show. I was praying "Lord, please let me marry a black man that will go with me to see Poison and not merely drop me off to meet Tia." But then I thought that this is Tia's and my thing and while I would love to smooch with my husband during "I Won't Forget You", I'd rather go with her anyday :O)

Tia got to the show after Vince Neil's set and said EXACTLY what I thought she would say:"Oh, one could throw panties on the stage from here!" I knew she was going to say that. I envisioned Bobby Doll getting hit upside his head with a pair a draws with phone numbers and e-mail addresses all over them. And of course as always, I had no camera.

They announced Poison and when the came out, I stood there in utter disbelief for about 2 minutes with my hands covering my mouth. I just could not believe it. I have been crazy about them since I was 12! We were so close, it was like they were playing in my living room. I could see every wrinkle and every bit of eyeliner. I could see Rikki, Bret, Bobby and CC and they could see me too thanks to the people in front of us who never came back. Brett even pointed to me and smiled during the show. I knew every song they sang and it was... I can't explain it. I really can't.

So I went into work the next day and told my co-worker at work how great it was and he goes "You're such a nerd." AND? As weird as it may seem, I have to praise God about the little things that give me such great,giggly joy: 80's teen movies, ice cream, flavored lip gloss, Iced Chai tea and a good old fashioned power ballad (preferably "Heaven" by Warrant); Tia's laugh, my mom's lemon meringue pie, my dad's off key singing and hearing Donnie Hathaway's "This Christmas" for the first time during the winter to let me know that Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner. Oh yeah and I can't forget listening to old 80's freestyle music like TKA and Sweet Sensation on a bright summer day with Renee in the car on the way back from Sonic on a full tank of gas; catching The System's "Don't Disturb This Groove", The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" or Stevie Wonder's "All I Do" from the beginning while changing channels on the radio; Oh and how giggly I get when I wake up on a Saturday morning with no responsibilty, and it's sunny and I am piled up in blankets smiling and talking to the Lord saying wacky stuff like "God, you're so cool. Why'd you make my feet so big? You know I'm crazy, right?" Then I just keep laughing like it's our own little joke. Okay, that's a huge overshare. My point is this: I often wish while I am enjoying these things that everyone in the world could find something that is entirely FREE that gives them not just joy but giggly joy. Like, a kid in Sesame Place joy. I don't care how old you are, find it and remember it. When you do, you'll never have to search for where to find your smile ever again.

Oh and I forgot another thing that makes me giggly happy, my new friend Jessica. She is so delightful. MMSMACK! Hope you are feeling better.

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