Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I Don't Think I'll ever Need to Listen to the Radio Again- Toya

For all of you old school fans, check out Canada's . It is AMAZING!!!! They have a gazillion radio stations and the BEST part is the Time Capsule section. You can listen to R&B from 1980-1984, 1985-1989, or all 80's. I feel like I am in seventh grade again. In the course of the day I heard, Luther, Shalamar, Yarborough and Peoples, Angela Winbush, The Jets, and Ray Parker Jr. I am telling you, this is the dopest ever! They even have a Power Ballads station! "Motorin'!..."

PS. I have a station on under damilove4. I listen to it at work when I need to be in a really chill mood. It is great because it is a station comprised of all of my absolute favorite songs so I never have to turn. It has Luther, Alexander O'Neal, Alana Davis, Seal, Jon B, Seal, Troop, Prince, John Mayer and a bunch of other great artists. Of course I had to throw in some power ballads from Mr. Big, Warrant, Winger and the Outfield. If you don't have a Launch station of your own, you need to get down.

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