Monday, September 22, 2003

Hallelujah Quote of the Day
Even MORE reasons to LOVE Andre 3000

And I quote,
"Right now, hip-hop is the most uninspired, deadest s*** ever on the radio. Hip-hop and some rock music;"

Be mad if you want to. I didn't say. A rapper said it.

Second best quote of the day

My former boyfriend Dave Matthews said, and again I quote,
"Oh good God, I mean, I'll tell you, listening to the radio, it's like...[he mimes hitting buttons] I end up on some public radio station playing Beethoven and I'm like 'Thank God.'"

I (Tia) thought I was the only person who thinks that the current state of music is downright offensive. ENTIRELY offensive (content, production, vocals...everything) I do believe that the reason that music sales are down is NOT b/c so many people are downloading. It's b/c the MUSIC sucks. Remember when everything didn't sound the same? Remember when talent was a requirement for a record deal? Remember times BEFORE remixes? Remember when artists wore clothes?

I must return to work.

(All quotes taken from Entertainment Weekly, Sept 26, 2003)

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