Friday, September 5, 2003


Tia has left me for the weekend for a much needed vacation in Florida so we wish her well. Here's some news:

Listen to John Mayer's entire new album "Heavier Things" on MTV's Website . This will of course, soon be reviewed by either myself, Tia or Nicole I am sure. Fans will be glad to know that concert favorite "Something's Missing" which was also featured on the live CD/DVD has been included on this release. The CD hits stores Tuesday.

You don't really hate hip hop, come on. Maybe you are like me and get a little frustrated with what you see going on in hip hop but it is important to keep in mind that what we see in the mainstream is not the ONLY thing going on in hip hop today. Here are some links to where you can hear some great stuff:

Virtual Frequency- Virtual Frequency is a 24 hour internet radio station playing the best in positive, God-centered urban music today. Check the site for current articles, interviews, news updates and some great ol' school. You'll hear everything from GRITS to Mos Def to Mary Mary. They also have Cubicle Quizzes where you can win great prizes during the week, so check it out.

LA Symphony - LA Symphony has been one of my favorite groups for ages. My roommate Renee turned me onto them and the first time I heard their music, I literally cried because I had stopped listening to a lot of hip hop due to lyrical content. It was great to find something that I could listen to and not have to turn down around my parents or feel convicted that I was feeding my mind a lot of junk. If you like acts like Jurassic 5, Beatnuts, and the Pharcyde, check them out.

Mars Ill- Hands down, all around the best underground group now and for years to come. Okay, I am a little biased because Manchild (the emcee) is my favorite lyricists and DJ Dust has given me some really great DJing tips but I am telling you. If you miss hip hop that will make your head nod and make you want to dust your shelltoes off and get your Uprock on, check them out.

You can also check out LA Symphony and Mars Ill on Virtual Frequency as well as on

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