Tuesday, August 5, 2003

When We Last Left Our Heroes...

The above is a quote from my brother describing Tia's and my latest ounce of drama. Never a dull moment at the BGLU headquarters. There was a fire in our kitchen yesterday and we are still on round the clock clean up duty so in the meanwhile, here's some fun stuff for you all.

Since so many of you have been writing us and letting us know that there are other BGLU's out there, we need to pool our resources and get some answers.

Have You Seen This Man?

Name: Tony Thompson
Last Seen: ????
Claim to Fame: Lead singer of Hi-Hive, later went solo

We haven't seen this brother since the 90's yall. NINETIES! The last century!

Tony Thompson was the lead singer of the incredible 90's (I think late 80's actually) group Hi-Five who gave us such hits as "Just Can't Handle It", "(I Like The Way) The Kissing Game", and "Quality Time" ("so when my pager goes off"). Hi-Five made the 90's so, so, enjoyable. Unfortunately, they didn't last too much longer than their peers, Shai and Color Me Badd (ooooooh, you know we gotta bring up Bryan Abrams soon. I'm about to put out an APB on him.). Thompson later went solo on Giant Records and had a mild hit with the Babyface penned "I Wanna Love Like That", which is one of my faovrite songs of all time.

So there it is, this week's "Have You Seen This Man"? If you know of their whereabouts, hit us up.-------->

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