Friday, August 8, 2003

Toya's Boyfriend of the Week...
Matthew "Good Googa Mooga" McConaughey

"HOT DAAAAYUUUUMN!! It's a new day!"- Pharrell Williams, Neptunes

I have had it bad for Matthew McConaughey for quite some time now. I was watching BET’s Comic View (back when it was good) and Sheryl Underwood was talking about him in a Time To Kill. “That white boy looked good!” she shouted and the women in the audience applauded. I said, “Wait a minute. And I am not privy to who this is?” So I had to do some research.

There is a certain fever that comes over me when I watch “The Wedding Planner”. Ever like someone so much that you can’t stand them ala “You walk city, you talk city and you make me sick.” (Thicke, “When I Get You Alone”)? In his case it would be “you walk country, you talk country” either way he still makes me sick and I wouldn’t be leavin’ until he was leavin’. Under no circumstances am I allowed to see this man on the street because I would surely run up on him.

5 Things to Know About Matthew “Good Googa Mooga” McConaughey:

1. McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas November 4, 1969. Anybody from Uvalde? Are there more like him there? We need to know this strictly for um, networking purposes.
2. His first big role was in Dazed and Confused and he can most recently be seen in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, which was just released on video. He can also be seen in Ed but you know what, wait for that mess to come on TV. I saw it on a plane and while I love Matt…
3. McConaughey once dated Sandra Bullock who is one of my favorite actresses so I’m not hatin’ at all.
4. According to Yahoo, during an interview, The Good Googa Mooga came to the aid of a woman who fainted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Yall, if you ever see me faint anywhere close to him, don't believe me. Just let him step right over me. You know I don't act right.
5. And of course I have to mention that back in October 1999 he was arrested for naked conga playing and possession of marijuana. The police were notified by his neighbors of some racket coming from his house. Upon the policemen’s investigation, they saw Matt dancing naked and playing the congas while and unidentified man watched. When they opened the door, the house reeked of pot smoke and “M double” was standing there with two bloodshot eyes. THEN had the nerve to resist arrest. After spending 9 hours in jail, he marijuana charges were later dropped and he paid a $50 fine for violating a noise ordinance. This fool is crazy and I love him for it.

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Anonymous said...

Matthew McConaughey does not wear deodorant and has really bad B.O.!