Friday, August 1, 2003

In honor of the weekend I figured I would add a new segment to the BGLU world. It’s called “Remember When?”

I can not begin to tell you how many times either Toya or myself will start a sentence with, “Remember when?” or “Remember that one time…?” So I figured since there are a plethora of ideas for this, I would start cranking them out every so often. I know that some of these will make you smile, some of them may make you cry and some of them will simply make you say, “OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!”

So here’s this week’s “Remember When?”

Interracial Love Moments

5. Remember when you found out that not only was Captain Kirk a pimp but that he had a thing for sistahs? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, do some research on the first interracial kiss on television.)
4. Remember when David Addison (Bruce Willis) kissed the fool out of that black girl on “Moonlighting” and she just passed out?
3. Remember when you found out the Shawn was dating Angela on “Boy Meets World”? (And remember how they used to kiss like NOBODY was watching?)
2. Remember when you found out that Jon B. was NOT black but his wife, Music, was?
1. Remember when Peter DeLuise and Holly Robinson-Peete hooked up on 21 Jump Street? (Did you wish it had been Johnny Depp like I did?)

Sad Moments in Hip-Hip

4. Remember when you realized that 50 cent was not going to go away quickly?
3. Remember Vanilla Ice’s “Rollin’ Up The Hootie Mack”? (This one is a little obscure. Vanilla tried to make a come back in ’94 with an ode to weed. The first line was, “I need some herbs and spices/ so I can feel nices. I’M NOT KIDDING. I couldn’t make that up. It was so terrible that it has permanently burned itself into my memory. It was worse than Don Johnson’s “Heartbreak.” Which, I must say, is a tragedy all on it’s own.)
2. Remember how PISSED you were when you found out that some “ignint” anus person shot Jam Master Jay and that it may have been over something frivolous. (i.e. studio time and record promotion)
1. Remember when 2 Pac was shot but you knew he was going to pull through? You knew it because it was just Pac against the world. And not only was he going to pull through but he was going to blast those fools on wax when he was up and around. Remember the day the music really died when you found out Pac hadn’t made it?

Don’t we really miss 2 Pac?

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