Sunday, July 20, 2003

Umm, see, what had happened was...

Right in the middle of writing about how this was a blatant ploy of the man to rid us of any positive black role models, someone alerted me that Kobe Bryant did indeed admit to committing adultery. I was so stunned. I met Kobe a couple of months before he went to the pros. Now I am not about to sit up here and say we go way back or that I would be a great judge of his character just by being around him a few times. But I will say that what I knew of his personal side always was in even keel with what I later saw on television. He was absolutely sweet. But years go by, the money piles up and so do the pressures of being an athlete, a celebrity, a husband ,a businessman and a father. I don't know who Kobe is now.

By far, the sickest thing I have read about this was on a message board where some "ignant" person wrote that he shouldn't have married that white girl and stuck with the sisters. Then he wouldn't be so dissatisfied. Sure, tell that to Camille Cosby, Halle Berry, Juanita Jordan and Brian McKnight's wife. I dare you.

This is Kobe Bryant's wife's statement:
I know that my husband has made a mistake the mistake of adultery. He and I will have to deal with that within our marriage, and we will do so. He is not a criminal. I know that he did not commit a crime, he did not assault anyone. He is a loving and kind husband and father. I believe in his innocence. Because I know him to be innocent, I will stand by him and we will face this together. I will give him all the strength and support he needs to face these false accusations. I will not let him face these accusations alone. I know Kobe better than anyone. The great person you see on the court and in the public is a far greater person off the court.

Kobe's wife is a real woman and I have great respect for her, especially being so young. By no means would you have seen me or heard from me at that press conference. A written statement? Yes and maybe an interview via satellite from my mama's house but Kobe would have been left high and dry at that press conference if I was his wife. But marriage is for better or for worse and while infidelity is grounds for divorce even in the bible, it's not always the best thing. I hope they stay married and get through this.

I remember one day asking my mom if she was ever jealous of any women my dad knew and she said "If the Lord can't keep him, I sure can't." The power of free will is scary in a marriage. Nothing is guaranteed. All of the most beautiful, sweet, amazing women I know have been cheated on. ALL of them. So if a man cheats, it's not always because the woman drives him to. One thing I disagree with is that adultery is a mistake. I don't believe that. You don't mistakenly fall into someone. You do that on purpose. For instance, I lose my keys by mistake often. However if I throw my keys into some bushes, knowing I won't be able to find them, that is not a mistake. I did that mess on purpose and will regret the consequences. I hope Kobe has learned his lesson and I wish the best for him and his wife.

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