Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Tia's Conundrum: Big Pippen, Spending Cheese

Why is Pippen, more specifically Pippen's hair, taking me through it? If you don't know who Pippen is you have not taken our advice and checked out Keen Eddie. You are missing out. By far one of the best shows to come along in a while. And Pippen is making me sick with it. I'm going to the UK in April. The more I think about it, the sicker I get. I keep having visions of Pippens of all sizes, shapes and color. And that HAIR... Cheerio and Pip Pip to you too, boo.

I have this genetic deficiency. It draws me inexplicably to two things white boy hair and thugs.. (Go figure.) We'll talk about the thug thing later. The white boy hair thing goes back as far as I can remember. It was horrible in high school. Senior year, I had Physics 7th period. Page Palm sat in front of me. Page was in a band. Page NEVER wore pants....He ALWAYS wore shorts. Page had hair down the middle of his back. Did I mention Page was in a band? Anyway, everyday Page would come in, sit down, and hand me a brush. And every day I would spend a significant amount of time brushing Page's hair and talking to him about rock music. It was a disease. I wanted to go to med school. This was a class I needed to do well in to get into a good college. But the power of Page's flowing tresses far outweighed the need to listen to Mr. Micetech talk about moving walls and such. I blame Page's mane for the B's (and during one 9 weeks a C) I got in Physics.

I ran into Page a couple of years after high school. He was still in a band and he still had that hair. And I'm sad to say it still had the same effect on me.

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