Friday, July 25, 2003

My Baby's Daddy...Umm, I mean TOYA's BOYFRIEND OF THE WEEK...Donald Faison

Donald Faison is the reason why they will not let us see too many black people kiss on television. Tia has recently hipped me to the wonders of Felicity (she has seasons one and two on DVD) and to my surprise Donald Faison had a recurring role for quite a while on that show. In the midst of reading something, I looked up at the screen and saw him kissing some girl. It was downright pornographic.

Come to think about it, when is the last time you saw two black people kissing each other on television? I can name only a few occasions: Dwayne and Whitley on Different World, Ron and Freddie on Different World, Jada and "Curly haired dude" from yes, Different World. In fact, put DIFFERENT WORLD on DVD!!! Oh yeah, and Parker Lewis Can't Lose, too.

5 Things to Know about Donald Faison:

1) Donald Adeosun Faison was born June 22, 1974 which means he is older than me. This is a rarity in any guy I seem to develop crushes on. The average age of young adults in this town is 24. Why oh heavens why can't the grown and sexy move here? That's it. I am calling all women over 25 in Nashville to a citywide fast. This is a crisis.
2) He can currently be seen on NBC's Scrubs and has been in numerous other sitcoms including Clueless, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the aforementioned Felicity where he played Tracy, a virginal college student who wouldn't have sex before marriage because of his Christian beliefs. If anyone can tell me whether this standard has made its way into his off camera life, holla back.
3) Donald went to the famous Professional Children's School in his hometown of New York City. He first knew he wanted to act after watching Star Wars. In an interview, he says"As a kid Star Wars was my favorite film, still is. I wanted to be Han Solo and fly the Millenium Falcon…" Wouldn't it be great if he got the role playing Lando Calrissian in one of the trilogies? Man, I need to take acting classes.
4) He has been in numerous movies such as "Remember the Titans", "Waiting to Exhale", and "Sugar Hill". He also has a role in the upcoming film "Uptown Girls" with Brittany Murphy.
5) When asked in an interview who his pick for up and coming actor was, BGLU favorite Seth Green said, "Donald [Faison] is going to make a real impact in the next couple years." If you've ever seen my favorite episode of Punk'd where Seth Green claims "I do not lie in my life and I am not lying now" then you can bet that Donald Faison is one to watch.

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