Sunday, July 20, 2003

I realized that it has been a minute since I (Tia) posted something. So here's a little sunthin' for ya.

Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Chaplin

I know that many of you may be shocked by my #1. Let me explain. It’s because he’s British, and because he’s got the look that I LOVE: dark hair, pouty lips. (The lips aren't too pouty in this picture but check him out in The Truth about Cats and Dogs. ) I remember the first time I saw Cats and Dogs. And the second time, and the third time…..I loved the character Ben played. He seemed endearing. He seemed lovable. He was the kind of guy that would appreciate that I am currently reading Dante’s Inferno more than the fact that I randomly cute. I loved that he chose Janeane Garofalo. Most of all, I loved that he was British. He turned on the switch in my mind that started the synapses processing the thought that there was a WHOLE COUNTRY full of guys just like him. He was the first favourite Brit boy (or was it Jonny Lee Miller? Anyway...) and as such he claims the title of Number 1!!!!!

I wish I had a medal or something for him.

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