Thursday, June 12, 2003

Don't Sleep on This Album: Thicke: It's A Beautiful World
By Nicole

Indeed it is. This album is a cult classic, a virtual "white label" underground record (reformed House Heads will understand what I mean) that not many are or will be privy to. At under 12 bucks this album is a steal and you need to get one. If they don't have one order it. If they have any at all, don't be shocked if there are only two or three available, but believe it's not because it's flying off the racks(though it should be). It's just that deep ya'll.

Some have compared Robin Thicke to Stevie Wonder. If there has to be an analogy, Prince would be the one that fits best. With his dark sensual words and fusion of Rock guitar with Blues it is very much like Prince when he was with his band, The Revolution. That may not be the impression the listener is left with when hearing the single "When I get You Alone". After all it is a lyrically tricked-out re-make of a disco classic but the other tracks on this album say otherwise. Here's a run down of a few of my favorites.

"Oh Shooter" is a hypnotic re-telling of a bank robbery. Despite the danger and the chaos that is being reported over this Middle Eastern tinged melody, there is a surrealness that cannot be escaped. You wonder if the song is a true story or some sort of fantasy. It's all happening so fast but it's all happening so slow. It's almost as if you were there too knowing what was going on around you but thinking of other things. No matter what you think, by the time the song is over you're a little wasted, spent.

"Stupid Things" could just as easily be about two people in love as it could be about a relationship between a parent and their child. If you've ever loved anyone you can relate to this song. It's simple it's sweet, hence the short description... "Sugar Mama" is a twisted ode to those fellas who are whipped out. By the end of this track you will either be shaking your head, laughing, or both. No, that is not D'Angelo or Prince sangin'(what he does is not "singing"). It is in fact Robin screeching at the end like the poor sap he is for the girl this song is about. And if it's the same chick in "She's Gangster", you can hardly blame him. Poor thing didn't even see it coming.

"Flex" is a frenetic song that you just listen to when you feel off the hook. It doesn't seem to be about anythng in particular, but that doesn't even matter. It's an acquired taste, but it's brave and fun. It's everything the word frenetic should be used to describe.

"Lazy Bones" is the track you put on after you've listened to "Why Georgia" (by John Mayer). The pity party's over, you're frustrated and you still don't have any answers . This song won't give you any either, but at least you'll cheer up after you hear the bangin' guitar and the wrought-up lyrics that cover the murky waters John didn't. Plus, you now know there are at least two other people who don't know what the hell they're doing.

Whatever this album may not have, Robin and his band make up for it with passion and joy. His voice is amazing; the depth, the control, and the range are superlative. There is a sincere elation that comes through his vocal delivery no matter how meloncoly or sexually tense the song may be. It's worth 11 dollars and some change just to hear him sing the last "When I get you it's on (When I Get You Alone)...", "Uh I'm the best friend that you never thought you'd know (Flex)..." and lastly, "It's never too late to try to get on the same side(Cherry Blue Skies)..." That line right there makes sweet tea taste sour. I kid you not. That is just a little of what you'd get if you bless yourself with this album. Help a brother out and buy it. If you bought Jordan Knight's CD, you owe it to yourself to get this one. If you bought Jordan's CD you know exactly what I mean. Show Thicke it really is A Beautiful World. Oh, and check his site

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