Thursday, June 12, 2003


Under the “say it ain’t so” files....
You didn’t hear it from me…but it appears that Toya’s favorite N’Syncer, Joey, might have a little something on the side. He’s recently been seen wearing something that strongly resembles a wedding ring. (Look closely at that finger. Or check him out on Fame.) Last year, he vehemently denied rumors that he was hitched to his baby mama Kelly Baldwin. Whatever Joe…We don’t love you any less. Okay well maybe a little. I love JC anyway….

And we wonder why music doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…..
VH1 announced the “Top 100 songs of the last 25 years.” Not surprising pivotal hits are missing. But I guess one woman’s “hit” is another woman’s b-side…And in an effort to further alienate it’s viewing audience by not actually playing music videos, VH1 will be counting down the entire list in what will inevitably be another excruciatingly long, unnecessarily commentated music related special. I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least they are playing snippets of music videos.
Has anyone else noticed that VH1 only plays videos for about 4 hours a day. From like 2 in the morning until about 6 they play videos. The rest of the time there are music “related shows” showing. And sometimes even that’s a stretch. What in the world does the “VH1 special: when cameras cross the line” have to do with music? Remember when VH1 stood for Video Hits One?

We recently received a letter from one of my oldest friends, Salena. She brought it to our attention that we have been giving made love to the Caucasian hotties, but we’ve some how left people who’ve been influential in all of our lives at some point or another: The Thug. The situation has been noted and will be rectified shortly.

Super Cool Mack (Baby) Daddy contributed by Nicole
Yeah girls, you know the one... The former rhyme runner will now be making runs of the Pamper type. In case you haven't made the connection, Mark Wahlberg once known as Marky Mark the front man for the now defunct group The Funky Bunch, has recently announced that he and his girlfriend Rhea Durham are expecting their first child in August. You all remember Mark blew up after his older brother Donnie of New Kids fame produced the hit single "Good Vibrations". After his second release (You Gotta Believe) and a few brushes with the law, he went into acting where he received recognition for his work in the movies Basketball Diaries (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Boogie Nights (Don Cheadle, Heather Graham, Burt Reynolds). So ladies, does that mean Hector will now become the "Diaper Inspector"? Let's hope not.

Who did this? And how did she not lose her mind in the process?
That's my #4 favourite Brit Boy in case you were wondering.

And finally...
Fox has actually done something good. Keen Eddie debuted two weeks ago to fabu reviews. If you haven't tuned in yet you're missing one of the best shows of the summer. Cleverly written, and far less slutty than most of the shows on the network, Keen Eddie wins the vote for best mid-season replacement. AND IT'S SET IN LONDON.....(insert girlie squeal here) Check it out Tuesdays, 9/8 central.

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