Thursday, June 19, 2003



DO NOT play yourself and sleep on Justin Guarini's album !!!
As you know, we get our download on (See Tia's "Viva La Napster" masterpiece in our archives). Now before you go ratting me out to Lars Ulrich, WE BUY CD's ALL THE TIME, but like Tia, I have a 4 song rule. You got 4 hot songs on your joint, I will support you whole heartedly. Now I had ZERO intention of buying Justin Guarini's CD. Zip! I was just sitting down getting ready to do some work on the computer and figured I would just check to see what the kids stuff sounded like. I got the first cut, loved it and thought there was no way that the rest of the CD is that good. Not only is it as good, it is better, except for the one song I hated called "Foolish" which is slated to be his first single. There is a cut on the CD called "Sorry" that is so good that (A) Tia literally SLIPPED AND FELL on the floor out of disbelief (was quite funny, I may add. I am surprised she didn't hurt herself) (B) He could slap your baby sister and sing this song and you would forget it ever happened. We have never been Justin fans. We didn't dislike him but we could have cared less. Little did we know that he was going to come with some smooth R&B, candles and bubble bath type stuff. I for one am pissed off at RCA because they have not given this CD it's just due. The AC (adult contemporary) market has been missing a strong male solo act for quite some time and Justin is it. Do yourself a favor and get this CD.

In more Grown and Sexy news, reports that our FAVORITE Justin has been doing some Grown and Sexy- After the Concert "In Da Club" (that will be the first and last time 50 Cent is quoted here) -type gigs. In what has been dubbed "The Show After the Show", Timberlake has been doing club dates in various locations after he performs with Xtina on their Justified and Stripped tour. Tickets for the show cost $35 and aren't available to the public until 3 days prior which is sure to weed out the teeny boppers because the shows don't start until about 1 AM. Tia and I are going to the Atlanta show so hopefully he will perform after hours there. This show ain't for everybody, only the sexy people. "So get on out there and dance...DANCE I SAID!"

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