Saturday, June 7, 2003

Almost forgot...This week we are going old school
Toya's Boyfriend of the Week: Malcolm Jamal Warner
Oh my goodness! This was my first celebrity high school crush. I had his pictures in my locker and a picture of him on a key chain. Praise God for Theo Huxtable, moreover praise God for Bill Cosby. The character of Theodore Alowicious Huxtable ("Jammin' on the one") showed us that not all teenage black males were thugs, illiterate, or adopted midgets. And he was sooooo cute! He had that whole Peter Brady thing going with the crack in his voice. More impressively, Malcolm Jamal Warner has not gone the wayward way of the child actor. So it is with great pleasure that I induct MJW into the Boyfriend of the Week Hall of Hotties.
5 Things About Malcolm Jamal Warner:
1) MJW was born in Jersey City, New Jersey! (Yeah, Jersey! I am from there if you didn't know.) and was named after Malcolm X and legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal.
2) He is also a director, directing various TV shows such as Keenan and Kel, All That and Sesame Street. He has even directed a few music videos. I don't know of any recent ones but I know that he did Special Ed's "I'm the Magnificent" and New Edition's "NE Heartbreak" which is a classic.
3) He is also a bass player and spoken word artist in a band called Miles Long, which combines Jazz with Spoken Word. The band records under his label "The Wonder Factory". I recently saw him perform spoken word on Def Jam Poetry and noticed that not only is he very talented but he has a tongue ring. Let's move on...
4) Can currently be seen in Showtime's Original series, "Jeremiah" with Luke Perry (my 2nd high school crush. Dylan McKay had me shot out!)
5) And of course, he was in UPN's Malcolm and Eddie. But hey, look at him NOW!

Yeah, I can forgive him.

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