Sunday, June 1, 2003


Jude Law

I remember when a friend of mine in college asked me if I knew who Jude Law was. Being a lover of all things British, I was quite intrigued by the prospect of another Brit Boy to add to my ranks of favourites. I WAS NOT READY for Jude . I can't say that I've seen more than 2 of his movies. He's just one of those boys you love to love. Not because he's such a great actor. Not because he's a wonderful humanitarian. You just love him because.


I think I read somewhere that Jude is best friends with Jonny Lee Miller, who by the way is one of my honorable mentions. He is actually THE charter member of the favourite Brit Boy club. He was married to Angelina Jolie at one point. You have to ask yourself what went wrong there and how is the WORLD did he let that chick go? She probably left him. No one in their right mind leaves a girl like that. That would be like me leaving JC Chasez. That would NEVER happen. I don't care what he did.


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