Monday, June 30, 2003

By Tia

So it turns out Abercrombie and Fitch is run by racist thieves. Tell me something I don’t know.

Last week The New York Times reported that, “a lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco charges Abercrombie & Fitch with discriminating against Hispanics, Asians and Blacks in hiring and favoring attractive young whites for sales floor jobs to project its 'classic American' look.” According to USAToday, “The federal lawsuit, filed (last) Monday by nine Hispanic and Asian plaintiffs, alleges that Abercrombie discriminates against (minorities) by enforcing a nationwide corporate policy of preferring white employees for sales positions, desirable job assignments and favorable work schedules. According to the lawsuit, the company has a policy that requires all sales people to exhibit an all-white "A&F look." Posters and a television program in stores display models that are mostly white, as does the company's catalog, the lawsuit alleges. The company also encourages recruitment from overwhelmingly white fraternities and sororities, it says. When it does hire minorities, it channels them to stock room and overnight shifts and reduces their hours, the suit says. “

First of all of they’re going for the “classic American” look, why don’t they put some Native Americans on the sales floor? I mean let’s keep it real. Secondly, this is the same company that carried shirts depicting slant-eyed men in conical hats with the slogan, “Wong Brothers Laundry. Two Wongs Can Make It White.” Why are y’all surprised? A&F has shown us time and time again that they are not about anything. This is the same company that required you to be eighteen years old to buy their brown paper wrapped clothing catalogue. Now the last time I checked, clothing was pretty much rated PG. Besides the naked girl on the elephant (something I HEARD was in the catalogue), what were they trying to sell? What was so secretive that their target consumer couldn’t legally purchase the catalogue? From what I understand one had to really look for the clothing in the catalogue. It was mostly hidden under beds and hanging from bedposts. 

Maybe it’s b/c I’m black, but this kind of racism doesn’t really shock me. Am I offended? Heck yeah!!! I go to college for four years only to have you tell me that the only job I can have in your store is a stock chick. Will I be folding your Klan uniform with the rest of the spring line? Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but it’s not all that far off. A&F perpetrated a kind of subtle racism that a lot of us have experienced. You know what I’m talking about. “Oh Tia, you’re whiter than me.” (My musical preference does not negate my blackness. Toya addressed this earlier, but I think we’re going to discuss it in detail again later.) “I have lots of Asian friends.” (If you have to count it’s not that many.) “There was the cutest little Hispanic baby in the store….” (Must we differentiate this child from the others by his skin color?)

I can’t say that their little trick didn’t work. I don’t know a lot of people of color who own too much A&F gear. And truth be told, I would love for it to remain that way. You don’t want us in your store. Fine!!! We don’t want to be there. Especially not when I can probably get a whole outfit from The Gap (or definitely Old Navy) for what I would pay for a t-shirt at your store.

It would be easy to pull a Jesse (Jackson that is) and start one of those oh so effective national boycotts. But what would be the point? I guarantee you A&F will some how try to schmooze their way out of this. They will have a multi-cultural rainbow in their ads by year’s end. I say this to you, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Take your money and run. Head to The Gap, The Navy of OLD, Lerner, shoot, go to Kmart if you have to (Martha could use the money for her defense fund.) Just make sure you are spending your hard-earned green in a store that wants your business.

Besides Abercrombie doesn’t need your money anyway, they steal it from their employees
Hello BGLU Fans


Our loyal readers know that last week we posted an article (a little controversial even, not bad for our little site) writtne by BGLU member Nicole about Urban fashion. Well I, Toya, posted the wrong draft. Nicole submitted a final, revised draft and I missplaced it. When I get the correct draft, it will be posted. I just want everyone to know that it has not been pulled due to some criticism but plainly because I screwed up. My sincerest apologies to Nicole.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

We told you.....
BGLU News...You hear it HERE first.

My Bad
Turns out that Justin Guarini's new single will be our current house favorite "Sorry". I mentioned earlier that it was "Foolish" and it was originally. However, "Foolish" thank God didn't make it on the album. Now if RCA gets their act together and actually puts the single out sometime before the next Presidential election, there may be hope for this industry after all. BUY THIS RECORD! And while you're at it, here is a list of our current faves:

* Thicke- Beautiful World
*Kenna- Sacred Cow
*Anberlin- Blueprints for the Black Market
*Donnie- The Colored Section
* (Our Favorite Local Band) The Smartest Monkeys
...and of course
*any song ever written, recorded, performed, hummed or whistled by John Mayer

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Tia's Conundrum

Warning: If you have a weak stomach, DON'T CLICK THE LINK!

Why would anyone do this? Have we lost all respect for ourselves that we must resort to this? And who the hezzy does this to someone else? You should be put in jail if you do this to someone and you should be put in a mental institution if you want to have this done to you.

Thursday, June 19, 2003



DO NOT play yourself and sleep on Justin Guarini's album !!!
As you know, we get our download on (See Tia's "Viva La Napster" masterpiece in our archives). Now before you go ratting me out to Lars Ulrich, WE BUY CD's ALL THE TIME, but like Tia, I have a 4 song rule. You got 4 hot songs on your joint, I will support you whole heartedly. Now I had ZERO intention of buying Justin Guarini's CD. Zip! I was just sitting down getting ready to do some work on the computer and figured I would just check to see what the kids stuff sounded like. I got the first cut, loved it and thought there was no way that the rest of the CD is that good. Not only is it as good, it is better, except for the one song I hated called "Foolish" which is slated to be his first single. There is a cut on the CD called "Sorry" that is so good that (A) Tia literally SLIPPED AND FELL on the floor out of disbelief (was quite funny, I may add. I am surprised she didn't hurt herself) (B) He could slap your baby sister and sing this song and you would forget it ever happened. We have never been Justin fans. We didn't dislike him but we could have cared less. Little did we know that he was going to come with some smooth R&B, candles and bubble bath type stuff. I for one am pissed off at RCA because they have not given this CD it's just due. The AC (adult contemporary) market has been missing a strong male solo act for quite some time and Justin is it. Do yourself a favor and get this CD.

In more Grown and Sexy news, reports that our FAVORITE Justin has been doing some Grown and Sexy- After the Concert "In Da Club" (that will be the first and last time 50 Cent is quoted here) -type gigs. In what has been dubbed "The Show After the Show", Timberlake has been doing club dates in various locations after he performs with Xtina on their Justified and Stripped tour. Tickets for the show cost $35 and aren't available to the public until 3 days prior which is sure to weed out the teeny boppers because the shows don't start until about 1 AM. Tia and I are going to the Atlanta show so hopefully he will perform after hours there. This show ain't for everybody, only the sexy people. "So get on out there and dance...DANCE I SAID!"

Thursday, June 12, 2003


Under the “say it ain’t so” files....
You didn’t hear it from me…but it appears that Toya’s favorite N’Syncer, Joey, might have a little something on the side. He’s recently been seen wearing something that strongly resembles a wedding ring. (Look closely at that finger. Or check him out on Fame.) Last year, he vehemently denied rumors that he was hitched to his baby mama Kelly Baldwin. Whatever Joe…We don’t love you any less. Okay well maybe a little. I love JC anyway….

And we wonder why music doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…..
VH1 announced the “Top 100 songs of the last 25 years.” Not surprising pivotal hits are missing. But I guess one woman’s “hit” is another woman’s b-side…And in an effort to further alienate it’s viewing audience by not actually playing music videos, VH1 will be counting down the entire list in what will inevitably be another excruciatingly long, unnecessarily commentated music related special. I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least they are playing snippets of music videos.
Has anyone else noticed that VH1 only plays videos for about 4 hours a day. From like 2 in the morning until about 6 they play videos. The rest of the time there are music “related shows” showing. And sometimes even that’s a stretch. What in the world does the “VH1 special: when cameras cross the line” have to do with music? Remember when VH1 stood for Video Hits One?

We recently received a letter from one of my oldest friends, Salena. She brought it to our attention that we have been giving made love to the Caucasian hotties, but we’ve some how left people who’ve been influential in all of our lives at some point or another: The Thug. The situation has been noted and will be rectified shortly.

Super Cool Mack (Baby) Daddy contributed by Nicole
Yeah girls, you know the one... The former rhyme runner will now be making runs of the Pamper type. In case you haven't made the connection, Mark Wahlberg once known as Marky Mark the front man for the now defunct group The Funky Bunch, has recently announced that he and his girlfriend Rhea Durham are expecting their first child in August. You all remember Mark blew up after his older brother Donnie of New Kids fame produced the hit single "Good Vibrations". After his second release (You Gotta Believe) and a few brushes with the law, he went into acting where he received recognition for his work in the movies Basketball Diaries (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Boogie Nights (Don Cheadle, Heather Graham, Burt Reynolds). So ladies, does that mean Hector will now become the "Diaper Inspector"? Let's hope not.

Who did this? And how did she not lose her mind in the process?
That's my #4 favourite Brit Boy in case you were wondering.

And finally...
Fox has actually done something good. Keen Eddie debuted two weeks ago to fabu reviews. If you haven't tuned in yet you're missing one of the best shows of the summer. Cleverly written, and far less slutty than most of the shows on the network, Keen Eddie wins the vote for best mid-season replacement. AND IT'S SET IN LONDON.....(insert girlie squeal here) Check it out Tuesdays, 9/8 central.
Don't Sleep on This Album: Thicke: It's A Beautiful World
By Nicole

Indeed it is. This album is a cult classic, a virtual "white label" underground record (reformed House Heads will understand what I mean) that not many are or will be privy to. At under 12 bucks this album is a steal and you need to get one. If they don't have one order it. If they have any at all, don't be shocked if there are only two or three available, but believe it's not because it's flying off the racks(though it should be). It's just that deep ya'll.

Some have compared Robin Thicke to Stevie Wonder. If there has to be an analogy, Prince would be the one that fits best. With his dark sensual words and fusion of Rock guitar with Blues it is very much like Prince when he was with his band, The Revolution. That may not be the impression the listener is left with when hearing the single "When I get You Alone". After all it is a lyrically tricked-out re-make of a disco classic but the other tracks on this album say otherwise. Here's a run down of a few of my favorites.

"Oh Shooter" is a hypnotic re-telling of a bank robbery. Despite the danger and the chaos that is being reported over this Middle Eastern tinged melody, there is a surrealness that cannot be escaped. You wonder if the song is a true story or some sort of fantasy. It's all happening so fast but it's all happening so slow. It's almost as if you were there too knowing what was going on around you but thinking of other things. No matter what you think, by the time the song is over you're a little wasted, spent.

"Stupid Things" could just as easily be about two people in love as it could be about a relationship between a parent and their child. If you've ever loved anyone you can relate to this song. It's simple it's sweet, hence the short description... "Sugar Mama" is a twisted ode to those fellas who are whipped out. By the end of this track you will either be shaking your head, laughing, or both. No, that is not D'Angelo or Prince sangin'(what he does is not "singing"). It is in fact Robin screeching at the end like the poor sap he is for the girl this song is about. And if it's the same chick in "She's Gangster", you can hardly blame him. Poor thing didn't even see it coming.

"Flex" is a frenetic song that you just listen to when you feel off the hook. It doesn't seem to be about anythng in particular, but that doesn't even matter. It's an acquired taste, but it's brave and fun. It's everything the word frenetic should be used to describe.

"Lazy Bones" is the track you put on after you've listened to "Why Georgia" (by John Mayer). The pity party's over, you're frustrated and you still don't have any answers . This song won't give you any either, but at least you'll cheer up after you hear the bangin' guitar and the wrought-up lyrics that cover the murky waters John didn't. Plus, you now know there are at least two other people who don't know what the hell they're doing.

Whatever this album may not have, Robin and his band make up for it with passion and joy. His voice is amazing; the depth, the control, and the range are superlative. There is a sincere elation that comes through his vocal delivery no matter how meloncoly or sexually tense the song may be. It's worth 11 dollars and some change just to hear him sing the last "When I get you it's on (When I Get You Alone)...", "Uh I'm the best friend that you never thought you'd know (Flex)..." and lastly, "It's never too late to try to get on the same side(Cherry Blue Skies)..." That line right there makes sweet tea taste sour. I kid you not. That is just a little of what you'd get if you bless yourself with this album. Help a brother out and buy it. If you bought Jordan Knight's CD, you owe it to yourself to get this one. If you bought Jordan's CD you know exactly what I mean. Show Thicke it really is A Beautiful World. Oh, and check his site

Monday, June 9, 2003

Tia's Conundrum
A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma

I'm a fairly inquisitive person. I want to know answers. When something goes awry, I need an elucidation. There have been times when there simply were no answers. That still didn't stop me from asking questions.

Because I'm always in search of answers, some sort of greater enlightened perspective on how the world works, I will from time to time pose questions to you, the reader. If you have answers, I encourage you to e-mail. If you just have an opinion, drop me a line.

This week's conundrum:
Why does 50 cent have a record deal?

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Almost forgot...This week we are going old school
Toya's Boyfriend of the Week: Malcolm Jamal Warner
Oh my goodness! This was my first celebrity high school crush. I had his pictures in my locker and a picture of him on a key chain. Praise God for Theo Huxtable, moreover praise God for Bill Cosby. The character of Theodore Alowicious Huxtable ("Jammin' on the one") showed us that not all teenage black males were thugs, illiterate, or adopted midgets. And he was sooooo cute! He had that whole Peter Brady thing going with the crack in his voice. More impressively, Malcolm Jamal Warner has not gone the wayward way of the child actor. So it is with great pleasure that I induct MJW into the Boyfriend of the Week Hall of Hotties.
5 Things About Malcolm Jamal Warner:
1) MJW was born in Jersey City, New Jersey! (Yeah, Jersey! I am from there if you didn't know.) and was named after Malcolm X and legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal.
2) He is also a director, directing various TV shows such as Keenan and Kel, All That and Sesame Street. He has even directed a few music videos. I don't know of any recent ones but I know that he did Special Ed's "I'm the Magnificent" and New Edition's "NE Heartbreak" which is a classic.
3) He is also a bass player and spoken word artist in a band called Miles Long, which combines Jazz with Spoken Word. The band records under his label "The Wonder Factory". I recently saw him perform spoken word on Def Jam Poetry and noticed that not only is he very talented but he has a tongue ring. Let's move on...
4) Can currently be seen in Showtime's Original series, "Jeremiah" with Luke Perry (my 2nd high school crush. Dylan McKay had me shot out!)
5) And of course, he was in UPN's Malcolm and Eddie. But hey, look at him NOW!

Yeah, I can forgive him.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Back WHAT Thang Up?

I don’t know one girl who is completely satisfied with her “girly parts”. A couple of nights ago, Tia and I were wondering why we have been cursed with the imperfections of our individual bodies. I’ll let Tia share hers with you as she so desires but as for me, I have no shame so here goes: I have no butt.

While I like to herald myself as a hero of anti-stereotypical qualities, being a sista with “dumps like a truck, thighs like what” like Sisquo speaks of in “The Thong Song” is a stereotype that I would like to have met. After all, aren’t all “true sistas” supposed to have devastatingly round, plump behinds? It’s bad enough I grew up talking like a valley girl so you can imagine that the fact there is no maximus in my gluteus, has been a hard thing to deal with. I have many theories of why I don’t have a butt. One is, I am shaped like my dad’s side of the family where the bootys are FLAT AS A BOARD, but the boobies are in an over abundance. No, I didn’t get those either. Another theory is that when I was a baby, it was blown off in some unfortunately tragic incident; One so tragic, that I don’t remember and no one will speak of it. Another theory is that while God handed out bootys in heaven, Jennifer Lopez walked up to me in line and said “Hey isn’t that Jordan Knight”? Naively, I was distracted and when, she got in front of me, she took hers and stole mine. Whatever the reasoning may be, I am bootyless.

It’s amazing to me how so much focus is placed on a body part that you merely sit on. Honestly, how sexy can a butt be when you think of its purpose? Okay, now I sound like a hater. Do you blame me though? We have booty anthems for goodness sake: “Feelin’ On Your Booty”, “Back That Thing Up”, “Baby Got Back” and of course “Doin’ the Butt”. Ask me if I have ever done “The Butt”? No! Why? Because sadly enough, I just can’t.

I grew up in a family of butt men. They refer to booty as “bubbles”. Since I was a child I have had to deal with my dad and uncle scoping out booty. “Hey man, bubble at 2:00.” This has of course affected my brother, the funniest and yet the meanest person alive, who once pointed out that my butt looks like my back just kept going. Because I have seen first hand how men check out other women’s behinds, I am especially cautious that mine is as well covered as possible. If that’s not possible, my roommates can agree that there have been many occasions where I have walked into a room asking, “Does my butt look embarrassingly flat in these jeans?”

It is of no surprise to me that females are so self-conscious about there bodies. The media would have you think that all white women are skinny and all black women need to look like video girls. The fault is not to be entirely placed on men either. Ladies, how many times have you sat with a girlfriend or two watching TV and you hear ”Oh, she is getting big” or “She is so flat chested” or “She is not all that, look at her nose”. We measure each other up because in our minds, we constantly compare ourselves. Unlike men, we don’t have to question our heterosexuality if we check another woman out to see if there stomach is flatter than ours, if their thighs jiggle like ours or in my case, if their butt is as flat as ours. Misery loves company. We want to know if we look as good or better. It’s sad. It’s true.

So at the end of Tia’s and my “girly parts” conversation, Tia assured me that I have great legs. Thanks roomie! Also, we remembered that God is the great creator who designs us fearfully and wonderfully for our purpose and with any luck, my husband will be a leg man. Yeah, okay. And putting the booty thing aside, I am now more comfortable with my body and the way I look more than ever before in my whole life. A couple from my church last week confessed that they both think that I am absolutely beautiful and did I think the same thing. I told them no, but I do think I am cute which is a huge step from how I felt in high school (I don’t know too many girls who think they are cute in high school). I am okay with cute. Cute is pleasant, approachable and comes from the inside. So I think that my being attractive is more of a reflection of who God has molded me to be. That’s what matters to me most anyway. Proverbs 31 is a whole chapter about the ideal woman. None of the verses mention how round her behind is or how perky her breasts are. It does say, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." (Proverbs 31:30). You can’t help being born buttless or boobless, but you do have a say on how well you treat others and yourself. Even Pam Anderson took her implants out cause she gets it. God looks at the heart and we should too, not just the heart of others but ourselves as well. So ladies give yourselves a break. Be flat, be proud, and be happy.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Happy Black Music Month!
June is Black Music Month and we will be paying homage to our favorite genre of music:soul music. Now I am sure some of you may be confused by that statement especially coming from the same girl that tried to crawl up Rick Springfield's back. Tia and I just had a conversation about if someone said you could only listen to either rock or soul music forever, what would it be. That my friends is asking what would you choose:Stevie Wonder or Paul McCartney. The answer, hands down, is Stevie thus we go with soul music.

I grew up in a home full of records and every Saturday afternoon, I would go in the living room and play records for hours on end. I even had mini concerts. For those of us that remember the Off the Wall ALBUM, it use to fold out into a full length sexy Michael Jackson. I would play that record and dance with it (I wasn't much taller than the record jacket actually.) Then when "It's the Falling In Love" woould come on, I would be Patti Austin and Mike and I would sing together. Good times! When's the last time you could spend all afternoon with one solid, good all the way through, record that was made recently? I'll give you a minute.

Our homage will start with this week's Black Music Month Top 10 List: Favorite Slow Jams of All Time Let me tell you the differnece between a ballad and a slow jam. A ballad makes you feel all warm inside. It can move you to tears. You play it on rainy days while reading a good book, sipping on some Chai tea. Aaah. Now a slow jam? A slow jam makes you want to take action, it comes on and I do either one of two things: A) Jump for the volume button and shout"OOOOHHHH! That is MY JAM!" or B) Take the route Tia did on our trip to Atlanta: cut that bad boy off because I am not married and I don't want my mind to start wandering (Song of Solomon: Do not awaken love before it's time).

I remember when I was a kid and would listen to the Quiet Storm. Remember when that used to be soooo good? I could not sleep most of the time. I had to stay up. I made my first mix tapes off of the quiet storms, with the radio under my pillow and the sheets over my head. I remember staying up all night waiting to tape Force MD's "Tender Love". They didn't play it until 4 in the morning and I had 2 hours to sleep before school. Good times.

If you are a fan of slow jams, match your list up against mine and hey, email me and tell me what favorites of yours didn't make the list. For those that aren't familiar with the jams, take notes. Without further adu (of due, whatever) here are the jams, in no particular order:

1) The aforementioned Tender Love-Force MD's. The first of about 3 Jam and Lewis produced songs on this list. They are geniuses. This song really isn't anything special lyrically or musically, but the melody that the piano is playing is haunting. It is beautiful. One thing that all of these songs have in common is that you know EXACTLY what it is when it comes on in a matter of seconds. Classics. They don't make those anymore.

2) "Can You Stand the Rain"- New Edition: Another Jam and Lewis classic. The first time I heard this, I had again been staying up way past bedtime listening to the Quiet Storm. I sat straight up in the bed and gasped. it was the most perfect song I had ever heard and on top of that, I knew from the start that it was a product of that incredible Minneapolis sound. This is when the Johnny Gill joining New Edition thing all started to make sense. Thank God for downloading, I finally got the remix with just the lone guitar and the rain in the back. Can you borrow it? No my brother, you gotta downlaod your own.

3) Love Ballad- LTD I honestly don't know what to say about this. It is so...Jeffery Osborne just...whew! Crazy enough, I always thought that this would be my wedding song if I married a white guy, since my family swears that it is inevitable. The last almost 2 minutes of the song, Jeffery Osborne is singing "And what we have is much more than they can see" over and over and over again. I can't imagine caring about what anyone thinks when this song is on.

4) Yearning for Your Love- Gap Band - Before I moved to Nashville, I was fortunate enough to see the Gap Band in concert and Charlie Wilson is still as dynamic now as he was when he sang this song 20 years ago. This song reminds me of picnics and Colt 45. Every Gap band song does. I don't know why. LOL.

5) Untitled-D'Angelo- This song has been referred to as the best song Prince NEVER did. The video with D'Angelo revolving butt naked is almost as scandalous as the 7 minute version of this song. Tia and I have a file on her computer called The Married File. In this file are songs that we really should not be listening to before we get married because, why? These songs really aren't for just listening if you know what I mean and will only be released on THAT night. So yeah, this is in the file.

6) Speaking of Prince, #6 is his Adore. "Without you there is no sea, there is no shore, love is too weak to define how much I adore". DOPE! Now we have, "We aint gettin' no younger we might as well" get married crap. Are songwriters on strike or something?

7) No Ordinary Love - Sade One of my married friends, I will name no names, pointed out that Sade's music is the soundtrack for the honeymoon. There is something about your married friends talking about their sex lives that is equivalent to chewing on a ball of tin foil. That aside, nothing can ruin my admiration of this song. Sade is a bad broad. Honestly, she makes one record every what, 5 years? Amazing.

8) I Love You- Donny Hathaway If you don't feel this song, you are dead inside. Period.

9) If You Were Here Tonight-Alexander O'Neal- This song makes me nauseous, it's so good. Again another Jam and Lewis jem, this is 6 minutes of pure groveling. Men don't beg in songs anymore. Why is that? Do they really believe that they can get all those hussies that dance around half naked in those videos. At the end of the day and your record advance, you are still that same brother that couldn't buy a date in high school. I digress...

10) Make Me Say It Again- Isley Brothers Most kids know Ron Isley as Mr. Biggs. The grown and sexy like myself know Ron Isley as part of the legendary Isley Brothers who are probably responsible for a good part of the population that was born around 1978. I recommend their compilation "The Beautiful Ballads". It doesn't have "Between the Sheets" but I really don't need that...yet.

So that is my rundown. Remember I had to limit it to 10 and even I couldn't figure out how to fit Jodeci, Luther, Rene' and Angela and Anita Baker on there. Maybe around Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003


Orlando Bloom

Scrawny, emaciated boys are not my thing. As aforementioned, I am a tall thicky-thick girl. It just wouldn’t look right. Much to my chagrin, these “break when the wind blows” boys run amuck in Nashville. You can imagine my disdain. You can probably also imagine how much I was NOT feeling Orlando Bloom when I first saw him as Legolas. I was watching The Lord of the Rings several months ago with my friend Dez (miss you) and she proceeded to tell me how fine she thought he was. Dez is a special girl (special in a GOOD way), so I just kind of blew off the fact the she was feeling this frail, pale….thing. She then proceeded to school me. After the movie, we skipped to the bonus features and, well, it was OVER. I was not ready. Ooooooooooooooooh HE FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I will probably have to repent of this later.) He is a special kind of fine. He is all kinds of fine. He is every kind of fine. He is F-I-N-E knuckle-biting fine. He is frail and he is FINE.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about him. Mainly because that’s all I know about him. That and he’s British.

Sunday, June 1, 2003


Jude Law

I remember when a friend of mine in college asked me if I knew who Jude Law was. Being a lover of all things British, I was quite intrigued by the prospect of another Brit Boy to add to my ranks of favourites. I WAS NOT READY for Jude . I can't say that I've seen more than 2 of his movies. He's just one of those boys you love to love. Not because he's such a great actor. Not because he's a wonderful humanitarian. You just love him because.


I think I read somewhere that Jude is best friends with Jonny Lee Miller, who by the way is one of my honorable mentions. He is actually THE charter member of the favourite Brit Boy club. He was married to Angelina Jolie at one point. You have to ask yourself what went wrong there and how is the WORLD did he let that chick go? She probably left him. No one in their right mind leaves a girl like that. That would be like me leaving JC Chasez. That would NEVER happen. I don't care what he did.