Thursday, May 22, 2003

Toya's Boyfriend of the Week: Cookbook of LA Symphony

This is SO risky because a good amount of people that read this site, know this man personally. However, on BGLU, we aim to be honest and transparent. Cookbook is ridiculously fine and his gorgeous eyes prove that God is alive and well and evolution is a joke. No way in the world two atoms just happened to bump into each other and created something like that. Last year, I saw him around town and after making so much noise about how I was finally going to talk to him, I barely said a word. He asked me something while we were standing in line somewhere and to save my mama's life, I couldn't tell you what he asked me. Good googa mooga, he's a bad man.

So here goes, 5 things about Cookbook.
1) Cookbook is the leader of the groundbreaking, devestating crew called LA Symphony. LA Symphony runs about 9 emcees deep and they are fierce (and fine so you may see some other members featured in "Toya's Boyfriend of the Week" in the future). If you like Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic Five, De La Soul and Pharcyde, you need to be privy of their dopeness. Let me help you: Their newest independent release is their EP, "Baloney".
2) He is part of a separate group called Cookbook and Uno Mas. Uno Mas ("a hip hop bear") is also part of LAS.
3) He can skateboard. Ladies and gentleman, this is key. For some reason, that scores rather high with me.
4) My favorite Cookbook lyric is "What you know about the Puerto Rican, eradicated, tragic like Gladiator for all of you bitin' alligators"- from What You Say featuring Fat Lip
5) He has a girlfriend. Then again, don't they all? I ain't hatin'.

So there it is. I ain't scared. I'll put it out there. I have a crush on Cookbook and have put it on the world wide web. God help us all.

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