Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Look here:
We all know that Justin Timberlake is a bad man (Fine as frog’s hair as Nicole has put it). But I am talking about LIFE. Grown and sexy. “You might have to put on your fine linens for this one”:
This week’s Toya’s Boyfriend of the Week is none other than Joey Fatone.

I know what you are saying. Why pick Joey when JC and Justin are in the group? I don’t like pretty boys. Justin is overrated. JC is slick but he spends way too much time on his hair. I like a brother who is from around the way.

5 Things I love about Joey:

He is a
1) thick
2) Italian boy
3) from Brooklyn
4) who can pop and lock.
Joey ain't never scared of a sandwich or two. He is a big boy who can dance his tail off. “Ain’t no lie”, nobody kills that Bye Bye Bye step like he does. He is murder on a dance floor.
5) He is multi-talented. From Rent to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Joey has proven that when this whole Nsync thing is over (T minus 12, T minus…) he will not be a candidate for “Help, I am a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here.” Unlike our boy Lance and umm, that dude. Love ya boo!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Story to follow.....

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Tia's Favorite Brit Boys Cont.....


David Beckham

First off, mad shout outs to Sery. I applaud her for not only knowing who David Beckham is but also for knowing exactly what it means to "Bend It Like Beckham". Now for the rest of you, some tidbits on my favourite footballer.

- DB plays football (soccer for the rest of you) for Manchester United, Britain's premier soccer club. beckham1.jpg
- He's married to Posh Spice.
- He's famous for being able to "bend" his kicks around opponents. beckham2.jpg WARNING: This picture has NOTHING to do with soccer. I just wanted to use it. I'm debating taking it down. It might be more than some of y'all can handle.

There were SO many pictures of DB beckham3.jpgthat I had a hard time choosing one. I tried to choose the ones that would cause the least amount of stumbling. I have links throughout for some of my favourites. I will warn you to use discretion when opening all photos. And remember: That's somebody's HUSBANDand BABY DADDY.

For the diehard fans, with rock hard self control may I suggest this.

I know I said that I was going to have an honorable mention this time around. I've decided to do those after I reveal #1.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

In light of Toya's weekly boyfriends, I've decided to contribute my own bit of boy frivolity.

As many of you may or may not know, I love all things British. If it weren't for the fact that London gets rain/cloudy weather so much of the time I would move there. I love the people. The shopping. The accents. The fact that they love my accent. I spent a few days in the UK in 99' and have been dying to go back. FYI...I'm going back in the spring. If you want to come, shoot me an e-mail. Anyway, in honor of the queen mum and all that she's sent to our sunny shores, I have decided to pay homage to one of my favourite British exports: British Guys. I've narrowed down the list to my top five. The only criteria was......actually there was none. So without further ado:

#5: Hugh Grant

God, save the queen!!!

Renee, my other roommate, had to photoshop this picture. It was down right sinful in it's original state. The goal is not to cause you to stumble, but rather to allow you the chance to admire.

I'm not even going to pretend that I have all of these great honorable reasons for loving Hugh. Why Lie? I may add something to this later. But for now it stands as is....

Next time: #4 and an honorable mention

Toya's Boyfriend of the Week: Cookbook of LA Symphony

This is SO risky because a good amount of people that read this site, know this man personally. However, on BGLU, we aim to be honest and transparent. Cookbook is ridiculously fine and his gorgeous eyes prove that God is alive and well and evolution is a joke. No way in the world two atoms just happened to bump into each other and created something like that. Last year, I saw him around town and after making so much noise about how I was finally going to talk to him, I barely said a word. He asked me something while we were standing in line somewhere and to save my mama's life, I couldn't tell you what he asked me. Good googa mooga, he's a bad man.

So here goes, 5 things about Cookbook.
1) Cookbook is the leader of the groundbreaking, devestating crew called LA Symphony. LA Symphony runs about 9 emcees deep and they are fierce (and fine so you may see some other members featured in "Toya's Boyfriend of the Week" in the future). If you like Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic Five, De La Soul and Pharcyde, you need to be privy of their dopeness. Let me help you: Their newest independent release is their EP, "Baloney".
2) He is part of a separate group called Cookbook and Uno Mas. Uno Mas ("a hip hop bear") is also part of LAS.
3) He can skateboard. Ladies and gentleman, this is key. For some reason, that scores rather high with me.
4) My favorite Cookbook lyric is "What you know about the Puerto Rican, eradicated, tragic like Gladiator for all of you bitin' alligators"- from What You Say featuring Fat Lip
5) He has a girlfriend. Then again, don't they all? I ain't hatin'.

So there it is. I ain't scared. I'll put it out there. I have a crush on Cookbook and have put it on the world wide web. God help us all.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

By Tia

I am the antithesis of cool. A Geek. A Dork. And the best part about it is, I DON'T CARE! I’m happy being me. I’m not dainty. (Much love to the thicky thick girls reading) I’m not especially graceful. (Although, I‘ve come leaps and bounds since adolescence I still have my moments. Just this morning during jury duty, I lost my balance and fell in the lap of another juror. This was, of course in front of the judge, the attorneys, the other potential jurors and the defendants on trial for federal murder. I wonder why I was dismissed from service?) I’d rather read a good book than watch a crappy movie any day. I don’t own one thing from Abercrombie and would be caught dead in 99.99% of the stuff you’d find in Vogue. Prada, Gucci, Enyce…no thanks. Hand-me-down Gap skirt, American T-shirt I bought for $10 and old flip-flops are where you’ll find me. (That’s what I’m wearing at the moment, in case anyone cares.)

I work, play and worship in the Hollywood of the south: Brentwood, Tenn. It’s nothing to see random stars at any given time. Toya sat behind Donna Summer (or someone to that effect) a few months ago. I heard a Road Ruler goes to my church. Sheryl Crow was here last week for the funeral of June Carter Cash. So as you can imagine there is a lot of keeping up with The Jones. I often see people trying so desperately to fit in that you can’t tell who they really are. They buy the same clothes, drive the same cars and even drink the same overpriced coffee. And it’s all in an attempt to have the almighty moniker of “Cool” bestowed upon them.

Call me lazy, call me cynical but I ain’t got time for that. Image is not everything. I want to change the world not my wardrobe. A person’s acceptance should not be based on whether or not they can order a tall non-fat double grande latte with chai. (Is that even a real drink?) I thought we were supposed to build relationships based on who a person is not what they drink. Isn’t that what they taught us on Sesame Street?

I wasn’t always like this. There was a time when not only was I a dork, I was an insecure dork. I was a pretty average kid. Kinda cute actually. But something started to change around kindergarten. While the other kids were playing Atari, I was playing with my Speak and Math. Remember those? They were like Speak and Spell (Think E.T.) but with math problems. Everyone else wanted Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids. I wanted Transformers and books. Everything pretty much went down hill after grade school.
They put me in smart classes and I just stopped caring about trying to impress people.

High school presented its challenges. I wanted to fit in but I didn’t care enough to try all that hard at it. The ironic thing is the less I cared about “image” the more I got to know people. I guess if you’re not killing yourself trying to be “in” you can actually concentrate on building quality relationships. I found my niche and ran with it. Being the odd chick in Physics who liked Stone Temple Pilots didn’t bother me so much.

But don’t get it twisted. For me to sit here and say that I haven’t had and occasionally still do have my moments would be a lie. There was a time when I try to define myself by a lot of unrealistic standards. I try to be the person I thought my parents, friends and boyfriends wanted me to be. (That would explain the cowboy I dated in 10th grade. Belt buckle, hat and all. I was confused, y’all.) I spent a lot of time trying to fight off misery b/c I thought I was a failure as a person. I finally came to realize that God made me who I am. That before anyone else could love this mildly dramatic, highly nerdy, wanna be surfer/skater/British chick she had to see how much Christ loved her. I had to see myself through God’s eyes. Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows. Matt 10:29-31

So as the Anberlin cd ends and the John Mayer cd begins (Disc 2 of Any Given Thursday if you’re wondering.) I sit here and ponder the words of the great Pauly Shore in Encino Man, “I’m just happy to be me.” I’m happy in the skin I’m in. My weirdness, my idiosyncrasies, my dumb ideas make me who I am. I’ll always be that chick that gets a raised eyebrow or two when she walks in the room. I’m the girl who wouldn’t trade places with you or anyone else. The girl who’s happy with who she is, who she’s still becoming and who she’ll one day be.

PS. I have modified my appearance since those unfortunate adolescent years. I’m secure, not a masochist.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Today's BGLU News by Toya

Scott Weiland

You know I have been loving Scott for quite some time now. I don't know what it is with me and heroin addicts but God bless them. Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots was recently arrested after being pulled over for driving at night with no lights on. They found illegal drugs in his car and have yet to disclose what drugs these were. Chances are high that these weren't Flintstone chewables. Boo, get it together. For me, for our children. I'm kidding. Get well soon. Hell, get well NOW!

Did yall see Ross kiss the fool out of Charlie on Friends!!? The moment of truth came last Thursday night when Ross Geller put his thing down on national TV and hooked up with honorary BGLU Aisha Tyler. Word has it, her character will be around for a while. Now we know America is not ready for this. This is the final season of Friends and we all know that Ross has to end up with Rachel. But in the meantime, do your thing, Ross. Do it well.

Don't Sleep on This Record: Anberlin's Blueprints for the Black Market (Tooth And Nail Records)
Tia and I are absolutely in love with the new Anberlin record, Blueprints for the Black Market. You want to be down, trust us. "Ready Fuels" is THE song of the Summer and is so eighties, it sounds like it should have been in the last fight scene in Karate Kid. "Hey Johnny, give him the body bag! Yeah!". I have seen them categorized as Emo which irritates me to no end because this album is clearly, solely rock. The lead singer does not sound nearly whiny enough to be Emo. Lead vocals haven't been this good on a rock record for some time now. Anberlin will be on tour this summer with Further Seems Forever (my fave) so be sure to check them out.

It Speaks To Me- by Nicole

Yes, there are more weird black girls besides me and Tia. Our friend Nicole, fellow BGLU will be contributing to our site regularly. Love her, embrace her.

When I hear or read the statement "It Speaks to Me", I think of a stuffy, pretentious critic; a bald dude with a black turtleneck (trendy glasses optional) leaning back as he looks pensively at a piece of art work. That is not the vibe I’m trying to bring. For now, I guess you could consider it a working title. Maybe it should read: “Did you hear that?” Anyway, I was alone and you know how it is when you’re alone, all kinds of things pop up in your head in the quiet. There are the quiet days that song lyrics pop up in your head. You’re either blown away by their simplicity or you’re mad at yourself for knowing them. But then there’s that one line or phrase in a song that you always find yourself singing. All of us have them. I thought I’d share a few of my personal favorites and what they mean to me. If in the process it inspires you to share, too, awesome. So, let me just jump on in this thing.

“I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather.”
-Tears For Fears, Head over Heels

This song happens to be my favorite Tears for Fears song. This line sticks to me because sometimes you don’t want a deep philosophical debate, you don’t want to think about serious stuff. Can we just talk about something trivial, even stupid like who really makes the best BBQ sandwich (well TFF was British so maybe fish and chips…)? I just want to be around you. We don’t even have to talk for that matter. You didn’t even have to wait for the bridge to know that brother was Head Over Heels.

“I came in like a Lamb, but I intend to leave like a Lion.”
-Sade, Slow Bullet

Now Sade’s music is notoriously chuck full of one-liners like this, but even the band got caught up after she dropped that. If you ever want to know what a wave offering sounds like, listen. You can hear those cats in the back, once you realize that you yourself are giving up one. Slow Bullet indeed.

“I’m not leavin’ ‘til you’re leavin’”
-Thicke, When I Get You Alone

What’s a brother trying to say? The room isn’t big enough for the both of us? The party’s over once you leave so, I’m gonna bounce when you do? If somebody said that to me, do you know what I’d do? I’d leave. Given the nature of the song, I could be risking physical injury, but then again so is Robin. Maxwell might come knocking. I picture it going a little something like this: “I know I’m not the cops, but…” When I get you it’s on, he says. Pssht, brother you don’t even know the half.

“Yo butt is mine…”
Michael Jackson, Bad

I’d just like to take a moment to thank Michael for immortalizing the phrase that every Black child in America has heard (directly) at least once. When you hear somebody say something like that, you just know it’s on.

“Too many suckas and not enough time…”
Mad Lion, Take It Easy

This one is self explanatory. I usually sing it after someone says or does something ignorant. It sooo sums up the frustration and disgust you feel as you shake your head. What can I say? I just love it.

“All I really need is to know that you believe.”
Prince, I Would Die 4 U

Now it is not entirely clear if Prince has a Christ complex, but it certainly is debatable. If you know this song and the lyrics that precede then you know what I mean. Then again maybe that says more about where I’m coming from personally than him, but I digress. This line is delivered with so much passion and desperation that it borders on masochism. Yet again, there is a machismo that is so self-assured that no one else is going to love this person quite the way he will/does. Simply put, this line is hot to death.

*****Guilty Pleasure: All of Money, Cash, Hoes. Every bit of it. Turn the lights down!

I’m about to do some big time cheating here, but please bear with me.

Scenario- Tribe Called Quest.

There is no line because I love from “Bo knows this and Bo knows that.” to “Rah, Rah, like a dungeon dragon…” I love every little hit, hit boom bip, with a brother named Tip and I already flipped when I saw the video and heard the beat. But the lyrical content totally blew my mind. People say, “Busta what it is right now?” He told y’all over ten years ago. I’m not the only one who was knocked out by this song. My one of my fondest memories of my freshman year in college was hearing a group of dudes from all different ethnic back grounds carousing down the hall of my co-ed dorm rapping these lyrics. Did I rap along every time I heard it? You know I did it.

“Time won’t give me time. And time makes lovers feel like they got somethin’ real. But you and me we’ve only got nothin’ but time. And time won’t give me time…”
-Boy George/Culture Club, Clock of the Heart

Or should that read “Boy, George?” Musically, Clock of the Heart is, pardon the pun, a timeless classic. But the hook? Oooh weeee, I can only shake my head as I think about it. I remember being 9 or 10, hearing it for the first time, and knowing that it would be my favorite Culture Club song of all… well, time.

“I would love you more than life, if you’ll only be my wife. I would love you night and day, I’m gon’ try in every way. I’m gon’ find a place to live give you all I’ve got to give…”
-Sting, When We Dance

Is there any wonder why Trudy Styler had four of his babies? You’re not sure if you’re swooning at the boarder-line blasphemy of the song or the sheer passion locked up in it. In the first place, you could do a Doctorial dissertation on Sting’s lyrics and they’d give you a degree, too. It would be either because you had the audacity to put him in the ranks with some of the classic writers or because some of his lyrics are dissertations themselves. As an aside, I have had talk about him with a college professor (Still Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Me).

“Your dirt removes my blindness, Your pain becomes my peace.”
-Jars of Clay, Frail

This one is last not because of importance, but because I’m hoping that I don’t drone on and on about it. This song has an intimacy that strikes you from the moment you hear the first note. It’s an intimacy best described by silence. I say that because every person that I’ve ever listened to this song with never talks or has very little to say during it. Although all the words are rich and vibrant, this stanza touches me most. This is the one I find myself repeating over and over. To me, this is the clearest image of Jesus Christ in song. It encapsulates His humanity and His divinity. It tells me in one sentence that He is willing to give all for me. He is not simply satisfied with me just to be happy, but to have peace. As much as I love this verse, I feel completely inept to describe a good bit of what I feel when I think of it or hear it because there is so much. But then again, that’s what music is supposed to be about right? Especially when it is made in the right spirit.

I could go on and on about all blurbs that I love in certain songs, but I’d like to give others an opportunity to share theirs. Maybe you have some of the same ones, maybe the same song different line, or maybe different lyrics altogether. That’s the cool thing, no the beautiful thing, about music in general. We all may not like the same styles or artists, but no one hates it. It’s the tie that binds.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Viva La Napster
by Tia

I believe in file sharing. Napster was my utopia. I’ve got a list of 20 file sharing sites just in case the man shuts down my current “Napster”. SLAM THE MAN. (See Empire Records.) I also own 300+ cds (A paltry sum by today’s standards, I know.) and 4 records. I have been a member of Columbia House and BMG on several occasions. I got my first real job at 16 working at McDonald’s for the expressed purpose of blowing every dime of my $5.50/ hour on music. (My mother will attest to this.) I bought Me Against The World, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Stunt by The Bare Naked Ladies and Conversation Peace by Stevie Wonder on their respective drop dates. And those are just the ones that immediately come to mind. I have an array of mangled memories of me standing out side of Best Buy/Target/Wal-Mart waiting to buy a cd so that I could listen to it on the way to school or work.

So I guess at this point you’re wondering how such a huge music enthusiast can believe so whole-heartedly in something that many have called stealing. I’ll try to explain.

Let me paint you a picture. You see a group perform live at an awards show. And say this group puts on a stellar performance. You’re so impressed that you go out and buy their cd the day it comes out. But much to your chagrin, the cd is NO WHERE NEAR as good as the live performance you witnessed. AND you’re now out 20 bucks. (Sales tax in TN is 9.25% in case you didn’t know.) So now you’re stuck with a crappy cd with a resale value of $6 if you’re lucky. (That’s a 70% loss for those of you who dig math.) Now had you waited until after the drop date and downloaded a few tracks from the album you could have saved yourself $20 and some frustration.

I have a four track minimum. If an artist puts out 4 singles that I like I’ll buy the album. The number used to be 3 but I got burned one too many times. But think hard. When was the last time someone you like cranked out 4 BANGIN’ singles in a reasonable amount of time?…..I’ll wait…..Harder than you thought, isn’t it’? It’s for this reason I blame part of the surge in downloading on artists. STOP PUTTING OUT CRAP….(Sorry. Didn’t see that outburst coming.) No one likes to feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth. The best way to avoid that is to sample before you purchase. And before you ask, YES, I have sampled whole records. But like I said, if I like four or more I make it legit.

Ever heard of The Streets? What about The Smartee’s? The Artful Dodger? Odds are you probably haven’t. They’re huge in the UK. (sidebar: For those of you who didn’t know, I love most things British. I would move to London but it rains entirely too much for the California girl in me.) I stumble across most UK two step on the web. If it weren’t for the “Napsters” of the world I would have never known who The Streets were, let alone how hot their music was. And imports ARE NOT CHEAP!!! I bought an import copy of Craig David’s first cd in 2000 for almost $25. I figured he’d never hit big here. With a few exceptions, America has turned a deaf ear to most Brit music. Why would he be any different…oops. ...But until Tower or Best Buy puts in a legitimate UK two step section in their stores, a downloadin’ I will go.

I’m not a dj. So I was unaware that there are some HOT remixes to Brandy’s Never Say Never album. (You can hear them on my radio station; member station: Akimmi. You'll have to type in the link. For some reason I can't post it. It's the man.) And even if I’d known they existed I wouldn’t know where to buy them. They don’t just sell those on Hard to find remixes and out of print songs make the file sharing world go ‘round. You try finding a hard copy of Deon Estus’ Heaven Help Me. (If you find one shoot me an e-mail.). Some stuff just doesn’t exist anymore and some stuff just can’t be found outside of some seedy resell shop in southern London. There are tons of remixes on vinyl. But that does me no good. It all goes back to that me not being a dj thing. I understand that there is no reason that The Party’s In The Meantime, In Between Time should still be in production. But don’t get mad at me when the only recourse I have is to download it after being out bid for a vintage copy on Ebay several times.

Finally, we’ve all seen the commercials. Some ridiculously wealthy artist whining about downloading taking money out of their pockets. I have yet to see Madonna or Lars from Metallica buying Rosco Mayer bologna, Dr, Thunder and Frosted Flicks with their food stamps at Aldi’s. They’re just ticked because they only negotiated 5 points on the new album. (Thanks to the late Lisa “Left Eye: Lopes for educating the general populace on the record industry point system.) But seriously, I’m not going to let you make me feel bad and subsequently buy your sub-par attempt at a 15th album just so you can keep your summer home in London to work on your British accent.

Maybe I would feel a twinge of remorse if the collective retail value of all of my cds wasn’t more than what I owe on my car. If flights to London were cheaper, I’d definitely go there to get my British garage and two step rather than downloading. But until we live in a perfect world, I will continue to spend late nights with glazed eyes trying find The King Dream Chorus singing their tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King…..


Sunday, May 4, 2003

Question of the Week:

Is it just us or does Ja Rule look like Rufus the Naked Mole Rat from Disney's Kim Possible? Let's discuss.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

And now what I am sure you have all been waiting for, Toya’s Boyfriend of the Week: Craig David.

GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING, I love me some Craig David! Now, I must admit. I didn’t at first. For some reason, he reminded me too much of Jon B and I can’t remember why. I had a bad Jon B concert experience that I have yet to recover from and I still want my money back, but I won’t go into that right now.

Craig David is British. I don’t think there is too much more to say than that actually. In fact, we could end this blog right now based on that, because that, right there? Oh, that’s fresh. But I won’t end it on that. In the name of professionalism (on this blog, yeah right), I will proceed and give you 5 nuggets about Craig David.

1) If you go near him, I will cut you.


1) His latest CD, Slicker Than Your Average, features a duet (“Rise and Fall”) with fellow Englishman Sting.
2) He was a club DJ at 14 years old.
3) At 19, David was the youngest British male solo artist to have a number one single.
4) Elton John once said of Craig David, “If there’s a better singer than Craig David in Britain, then I’m Margaret Thatcher.” I’ll leave that one alone. Too easy.
5) On his debut CD, Born to Do It, he has a song called “Booty Man”… umm, well. He’s 20. He’ll grow out of that I’m sure. Pray for the brother.

So there you have it for this week. My boyfriend, Craig David; In the words of my beloved roommate Tia, he’s hot, he’s tall, and he’s British. Good times!