Friday, April 11, 2003

Where the hell is the FCC? Written by Toya.
Ever been in a situation where you are painfully aware that you have just spent about 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back? That is how I felt last night watching Fox's Married by America. Since when was incestual lesbian porn acceptable on television with or without a disclaimer? I usually talk about writing networks and giving them a piece of my mind and don't do it but this time, I didn't let my tendency to procrastinate get the best of me. So after renewing my mind in the Word, I sat down at Tia's computer and went on the Fox website.

As I was reading the message board, I found that there were other people who felt the same as I: Fox went too far. Then of course you have the idiots who say that we are all overreacting, if you don't like it turn it off, and you must have something better to do than to complain about a little harmless fun. There is something that has been long missing from humanity for a long while that regardless of your religious stance, moral values or worldview, everyone should be able to agree on and that is our good friend Common Sense. It is common sense that lesbian porn, incestual or otherwise does not belong on network televsion. It is much easier to say to turn the channel than it is to take a stand in fear of stepping on someone's rights. Am I for censorship? Absolutely!

Not too long ago, you could not say a** on television. Not only can you say a** now, you can show it. Who dropped the ball? if I hear one more rapper complain about censorship ie Eminem, Mr. "Radio won't even play my jam" (when are they NOT playing his music), I say we show them censorship at it's best and cut their freaking tongues out.

Dr. King said it best in his book, Strength to Love:
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity...So we have a mandate to conquer sin and also to conquer ignorance. Modern man is presently having a rendezvous with chaos, not merely because of human badness but also because of human stupidity."

As forementioned, I did write Fox. Here is my email:

All of you are going to hell.

* Just kidding. That's not what I wrote. This is what I wrote:

I don't blame you for placing the disclaimer in the
beginning of tonight's Married by America that there
would be sexual content. I do however blame myself
for giving the Fox Network credit for having any bit
of common sense. Shame of me to think that Fox is not
above showing out and out porn, lesbian porn for that
matter on television. And why on earth would I expect
any moral value from a network that would continuously
deceive people on national television for the sake of
ratings? After all it is clear that Fox's producers
have clearly run out of ideas. How else would you
explain the recent onslaught of "Reality" TV shows? I
mean, weren't you all the ones who came up with the
show of "Man vs. Beast"? How silly of me.

Initially I was infuriated with the mere thought that
a child could be flipping channels around 8 pm (because whether you realize it or not, most kids are
not in the bed 8pm CST. There is a world outside of
the East Coast) and see two women kissing and licking
whip cream off of each other. I can't at all remember
when this was acceptable on television before or after

8 pm, even with a disclaimer. But now, I realize. You
have simply run out of ideas for programming. Either
that or/and you have run out of money to produce
actual shows with real actors and hire clever and
intelligent writers to develop these shows.

I hate to present a problem and not have a solution so
here's an idea: Fire whoever is in charge of
programming. Get a clean slate. Come up with shows
that are relatable to the public versus shows that
show the perversion and degradation of society. Make
people feel good about television again. I would hate
to think that 15 years ago, Thursday nights on NBC was
the last chance America had of experiencing television
at it's best.

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