Friday, April 11, 2003

Topic: Schizophrenic musical taste (started by Toya)

I praise God that I grew up in the area I did. While I was often jealous of my friends who lived in the city and in predominately black neighborhoods, I now see how God used me to tear down stereotypes. I can't tell you how many times in high school I heard "I never even wanted to talk to anyone black until I met you." This was usually after they discovered that I too loved Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. It had everything to do with music, undoubtedly the universal language of our world. I am sure that I am not the only one on this blog that has wondered "Why the heck am I so weird" as far as musical taste (and my love for Scott Weiland, I digress). I am reminded of it almost every time I go to a rock show. Tia and I went to see the Winger/Cinderella/Poison tour last year and the guys in front of us spent more time turning around staring at us, amazed that we knew every word, than they did watching the show. Now it usually takes a lot to distract me from Kip Winger but I did have to bow up a few times and go "Will you mind your business and watch the show? Yeah, I know all the words to 'Headed for a Heartbreak'. Mind your business".

Having a smorgasbord of musical taste is more common than ever before. Most people wouldn't be shocked to see the average 20 something year old with a Ja Rule CD sitting next to a Linkin Park CD (unless it was in my collection because Pain is NOT Love). Hip Hop is now Pop(ular) music for the masses. Just look at TRL. Better yet, drive down the street on a sunny day when all the kids are cruising the streets headed for the mall. Around here, if you hear a bass system that sounds like the Concord is landing in the next lane, blaring Cash Money Millionaires, you better not be too shocked when you see a car full of white a Saturn...sittin' on dubs. I don't want to believe that these kids want to be black anymore than I, who likes to blast Further Seems Forever in my car, want to be white. It's good to see that these things are becoming more acceptable. I do believe that this generation will be more culturally united than mine and when they grab a hold that they were put here for a purpose far greater than to have the newest Air Force Ones or Diesel shoes, they could change the world in a great way.

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Jamie said...

Can I just tell you that I love this blog? I love this post too! In my iPod I have everything from Lil Wayne to Steve Winwood. I have showtunes, to 80's metal, 90's alternative and everything in-between. It makes me mad that just because you are of a certain ethnicity---that you are automatically predisposed to listen to a certain genre of music. Gimme a break! I'm so sorry its taken me this long to find your blog. Glad I've found it now!!